Shall I rewrite a cook book on hubpages ?

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    Abzolutionposted 5 years ago

    Shall I rewrite a cook book on hubpages ?

    My grandmother has given me a very old and very reliable cookbook. I can't find any information on it, she tells me that it was sold by the milkman in the 1960's. No joke, no publishing details, no author. Nothing.  But full of wonderful, simple recipes that I think should be shared.
       I can show a picture of the front cover otherwise can anyone else think of a suitable way of crediting this book ?

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    ahmed.bposted 5 years ago

    This is a nice idea to share and write what you think you unique. But even then I would recommend to get information about who actually owned or have written that book. And if you would have found him/her it is more ethical and legally safe to ask for permission. If however the the author would have diseased without registering copyrights etc. then the best thing is to recreat the recipies written in this book. That is first make them yourself (This will also give you opportunity to share photos or even videos as well, and give readers an idea that how a perticular food looks at different stages during its prepration). And then if you think it is worth sharing (with or without your comments and additions) just share it on Hubpages.
    It would be nice even then to mention somewhere in your hub that this reciepe was originally discovered by this auther ( if the name of auther is written somewhere on your book, and I am sure it must be).

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    fitnesstipsfreeposted 2 years ago

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