1. killrats profile image60
    killratsposted 8 years ago

    As we all know rats are to be found every where, they cost the world millions everyday due to the food they eat and the damage they do.
    They spread some 70 different diseases some of which will kill a healthy humane within 3 days and the fleas they carry are no better.

    Owls were once found almost everywhere but to day they are under threat due mainly to POISONS.
    They may die as a direct result of eating a rat that has been poisend or due to a build up of poison in their bodies which may result in eggs being soft shelled thus the hen dies because she can not lay the egg or the shell being to hard and the chick can not break through the shell when time to hatch.

    POISONS, kill regaurdless of who or what eats it. Poison does not just disapear after it is put out, it has to go some where and the environment is taking the brunt.

    There are millions of tons of poison used world wide daily and we man are going to pay the price in the end.

    I have clients who no longer use poisons and the owls are returning, they in fact use a product of mine that kills rats and mice instantly. These dead rodents are kept till dusk and then put out and on some farms the owls are waiting for their free meal.
    Please try and avoid using poisons go the Eco Friendly and humane way.

  2. Betty Reid profile image60
    Betty Reidposted 8 years ago

    And when the poisoned rats don't go outside to get eaten, they stay in the walls of your home and stink the place up!