fusion v. infusion, emulsion

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    Twenty One Daysposted 7 years ago

    so, it has been a hot minute since i had the 'priv' of being in a pro kitchen. but the passion is there -and probably will always be.

    There is much with regard to 'fusion' cuisine, especially since the Asian Invasion. So, let's clear up some con-fusion. har har har.

    Infusion: is a method of transferring a flavor -usually through a hot process- into another item. Infusion is like tea, coffee even oil. You can infuse practically any flavor into oil. People often associate fusion with infusion, because they put soy sauce in it. ACK! so not right. Myth: fusion is infusion.

    Emulsion: is blending items together that otherwise don't mix well with others. Most of the time any emulsion requires mixing lots of air into the mix. Like making mayonnaise or salad dresses. Using both speed and air, you force the items to hold together for a short time -usually a few hours. Another example of emulsion is mayonnaise or any 'naise' for tat matter. Bearnaise sauce, etc. This method uses oil/fat and air to blend ingredients. It is not fusion, it is emulsion. Myth: emulsion is fusion.

    Fusion: fusion cuisine is the ART of taking two traditional styles of cooking and/or two cultural food groups and forming a single cuisine expression. { You might even get away with using a 'french technique' with Asian ingredients, but that is a stretch}. The technique of each culture/style should be incorporated to form a single cuisine.

    This is the really, really short version, but I hope you see the difference and will appreciate the difference. and if you feel necessary, when visiting a 'fusion' restaurant, to tell that shoemaker of a chef that you know the difference between the three, by all means, feel free and tell them James said so.

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    livewithrichardposted 7 years ago

    Good lessons, you should make this into a hub so others searching or this info can find it.