pistachio delight

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    jerrylposted 7 years ago


    2 pkgs of ritz crackers from full box.
    1 stick soft butter.

    2 pkgs pistachio instant pudding mix.
    1 1/2 cups milk.
    approximately 3 qts. soft vanilla ice cream.

    1 large container cool whip.
    1 pak miniature heath candy bars.

    Crush ritz crackers and mix with stick of butter, then
    press into bottom of 9X13 cake pan.

    In large mixing bowl, blend milk and instant pudding mix
    until smooth, and add soft ice cream.  Mix thoroughly.

    Gently spread mixture over cracker crust.  The crust tends to move around.

    cover with all of the cool whip.

    In double zip lock bags, use a hammer to crush the heath bars, then sprinkle over the cool whip.

    Put in freezer until it sets up, then cut into squares and serve. Enjoy