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Fred and Friends Mister Tea Infuser

Updated on February 8, 2015

Mr. Tea outside the tea cup


Finding Fred and Friends Mister Tea Infuser was accidental. Searching on Amazon for some other product, I had spotted this adorable little guy that sits in your tea cup and holds either the loose tea or a tea bag within his pants. I just had to click on it to get a better look.

This infuser with Fred, known as Mr. Tea to strangers, sits inside the cup of hot water looking like he is enjoying a nice time in the hot tub. The tea then brews out of his perforated pants.

It is not often I buy something on a whim. But his round face seemed to be looking at me. He was so inviting as if he was smiling just for me. I do realize that this is an object. A tea infuser, but the design of this product is so cleaver and it made me laugh.

I ordered this from Amazon and amazed how fast it came from the seller.

After washing the tea infuser with regular dish soap, I heated water in a mug while keeping Fred the tea infuser out of the microwave. (On the box it states that it is microwave safe.) Once the water was as hot as I drink it, I placed the tea bag in the pants part of Fred. Placed him in the hot water, where his arms held onto the mug. Then watched as the tea seeps through the soft silicone safe rubber pants and when it had brewed as dark as I like it, I took a drink of tea.

Often I will use the tea bag twice. Sometimes, the second time around is not as good because it is more weak. But when I used it with the infuser, a second drink of tea tasted just as good as the first drink. To top that off, I don't have to burn the tips of my fingers when squeezing out the water from the tea bag.

I really enjoy using this fun tea infuser. There is no taste of rubber. The tea taste wonderful and I have a good laugh seeing this character enjoying the hot tub of my mug.

Genuine Fred MANATEA Genuine Fred Silicone Tea Infuser
Genuine Fred MANATEA Genuine Fred Silicone Tea Infuser
The MANATEA Infuser is from the same Fred company. If you don't want a man in your mug, then try is darling mammal of the waters.
RSVP Just Ducky Floating Tea Infuser
RSVP Just Ducky Floating Tea Infuser
Who can pass up a rubber ducky with tea.

Enjoy Mr. Tea at his best in this video.

For all you tea drinkers, Fred and all his Mr. Tea friends will entertain you and brew up some nice tea from the loose tea to a tea bag.

Are you a tea drinker?

Mr. Tea in My Cup


Love Affair with Mister Fred Tea

Hello there Mister Tea.

How special you are to me.

There you sit in my hot tub.

I giggle and sing Rub-a-dub-dub.

Mister Tea is so cute and fun.

Our time together has begun.

Carefree with his sweet smile.

Fred Tea, I love your style.

Moving in closer to Mister Tea

He smiles up at me.

He kisses me on my nose

I tingle down to my toes.

Then hubby comes home and spoils it all.

His words hit hard and bounce off the wall.

Hello there Mister Tea.

I see that you are smiling at me.

Again you turn the water brown.

You naughty little clown!

Poem by Sandy Mertens

Fred is a tea infuser that sits in my cup. Loose tea and tea bags fit into his pants. He sits backing the hot steamy water and puts a smile on my face as the tea is brewed.

© 2013 Sandy Mertens


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