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French Press Coffee

Updated on September 27, 2013

Simple brewing process in a beautiful little container.

Smooth tasting because of the tempered glass, handling the boiling water like a pro. The grounds are pushed to the base by the sturdy plunger and grounds filter, keeping the oils and grit out of the water. No cup of coffee compares to french press, and this little wonder has no match in attractiveness and function.

This item comes in several colors on Amazon. I've seen the red and green ones personally and they are super attractive, functional and what a great gift idea.

I have always owned a French press coffee maker. It is one of those items to have on hand for a lazy Saturday morning with that special someone, along with a bagel and cream cheese, on the patio. Or an item to pack in a suitcase for that getaway weekend, along with the Hawaiian coffee blend gifted several months before. A great way to serve decaf with dessert on a cool evening by the fire.

A French press like this would be an ideal gift for Grandma, Mom, Dad, college students, wedding gifts, or simply pick up one for yourself. They make great hostess gifts, also. With the holidays around the corner, and birthdays all year long, why not buy up more than one to have on hand for entertainment or that last minute gift. For the budget minded coffee drinker, these put the single pack coffee makers to shame. Brew up a Bodum Brazil French Press pot and you'll never stand in line for a smooth cup of coffee again, you'll hurry home instead.

Hawaiian Coffee, rich, bold and flavorful, great for the French press.

If you have never made a cup of coffee in the French press, you are in for a pleasant surprise. I usually just heat the water in a teapot, and grind the beans just before serving up fresh brewed java. So nice. Like she demonstrates in the video, it takes a tablespoon of ground coffee for each cup, put in the coffee grounds, pour in the hot water, put the lid on and press. I usually stir the grounds for about 30 seconds and/or let the coffee steep a little before pressing the grounds. It's an experiment in perfection, and a tasty one at that!

So - if you've never made French press coffee, check out the video for a how to demo.

This video is a demo of the 8 cup Brazil French press in green. Such a nice gift.

What is your favorite style coffeemaker?

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