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Glenmorangie Port Wood Finish Scotch

Updated on August 27, 2012


The bottle tells us that, "Initially matured in American Oak Casks, Glenmorangie Port Wood Finish is racked into selected Port 'Pipes' for extra ageing in the final years of its maturation. This 'finishing' adds further complimentary characteristics to Glenmorangie's classic fine taste." Of Course, how could anyone resist trying this one!? This is far from a smokey, peaty Single Malt scotch, perhaps an accessible entry into the world of malt for, say fans of Cognac, but for wine drinkers, this one may not be the most inviting drop.

If this Scotch was a Pink Floyd Album it would be: PULSE Live

This one's a specialty. Every collector and avid fan will have this one. Am I cheating by choosing a Live Recording? Not at all! This Scotch Whisky, although a one off, may just gain momentum as a fan-generator in and of itself. A blend of the traditional and the new, Glenmorangie Port Wood Finish is an old song sung in a refreshingly new way. A sweet, warm David Gilmore, rather than a rasping Roger Waters.

REGION: Highland

More about the various scotch regions here

A Clear, light amber to golden.

The fruity Port finish comes through instantly on the nose, before allowing a rich dark chocolate to eminate sweetly. Finally some cereal notes to escape to remind me I'm sampling a Highland Scotch from a distinquished distillery.


long and thin.

The sweetness of dark berries hits the palate instantly in a mouth coating warmth. A Dark Chocolate bitterness remains on exit. I'm also reminded of roses.

A long finish


Sweet and Rich without overloading the senses, this one is more of an all-time dram than say, Glenmorangie Nectar D'Or. Certainly a good time drop.

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Whiskey and Philosophy: A Small Batch of Spirited Ideas

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      7 years ago

      Nice Lens!


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