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Gluten-Free Recipes: Gluten-Free Quick & Easy Cookbook Review

Updated on October 20, 2007

Author Carol Fenster, Ph.D.

The Gluten-Free Quick & Easy Cookbook by Carol Fenster, Ph.D. is a breakthrough cookbook that makes it simple for individuals who can't eat foods that contain gluten to prepare and enjoy tasty meals that aren't difficult to make. If you have a sensitivity to gluten, or someone in your household needs to avoid gluten, this book is a must-have addition to your cookbook collection.

What is Gluten?

Gluten is a protein in wheat, rye, and barley. It is the substance that gives bread and other baked goods the chewy consistency that so many people enjoy.

Importance of Gluten-Free Cooking

Gluten can be found in many dishes, even some that you would not automatically assume would have meat as an ingredient. Individuals who cannot or should not consume gluten must be very careful when purchasing or preparing meals. It is becoming more common for restaurants and food manufacturers to offer gluten-free selections, which is a great advantage for those with gluten sensitivities and/or intolerances.

Who Can't Eat Gluten?

  • Individuals with celiac disease.
  • People who are allergic to wheat.
  • Those who have an intolerance for wheat or specific to gluten.
  • Many autistic individuals have gluten sensitivities.
  • Some people who have food-triggered allergies are sensitive to gluten.
  • Individuals with certain autoimmune diseases are often advised to avoid gluten. (Conditions include: multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus)

My Favorite Recipes from Gluten-Free Quick & Easy

With more than 200 recipes, it's not easy to narrow down my favorites. Some of the best recipes in this book include:

  • Black Bean Soup With Chorizo
  • Carol's Pancake and Waffle Mix
  • Salmon Steaks with Balsamic Mustard Glaze
  • Santa Fe Shrimp with Lime-Chile Tequila Sauce
  • Vegan Chocolate Cake

You can find a selection of great recipes from Carol to try yourself at

Other Features of The Book:

In addition to great recipes, this book includes valuable tips and resources, including:

Brands of prepared foods & seasonings that are gluten-free

  • Tips for avoiding cross-contamination in the kitchen
  • How to make gluten-free flour blends
  • Instructions for making your own gluten-free spices, rubs, and other recipe ingredients

Carol Fenster's Gluten Free CookBook Series

Gluten-Free Quick & Easy is the latest addition to Carol Fenster's collection of cookbooks for individuals who need to avoid gluten.

You May Also Want to Check Out These Great Books from Carol:

  • Cooking Free: 220 Recipes for People With Food Allergies and Multiple Food Sensitivities
  • Wheat-Free Recipes & Menus: Delicious, Healthful Eating for People With Food Sensitivities
  • Gluten-Free 101: Easy, Basic Dishes Without Wheat


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  • Sharicey profile image


    5 years ago from Rhode Island

    Great Hub! Those favorite recipes sound delish!

  • profile image

    Eric Myers 

    7 years ago

    Great post. I have been looking for some books on gluten free living/cooking to give as a gift to my friend for her upcoming birthday. I think this is exactly what I am looking for. I will definitely give them a try. Thanks!

  • profile image

    Jean Duane 

    9 years ago

    Would you like to review Bake Deliciously Gluten and Dairy Free Cookbook? It contains over 150 GFCF recipes with substitutions for other allergens. It focuses on WHOLE grain gluten free baking whereas most GF baking is done with highly refined starches. For a video overview, please go to If you are interested, please contact me at


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