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Green Mountain Coffee's K-Cups? What Are Your Favorite?

Updated on April 14, 2013

Green Mountain Coffee

If you are a coffee lover, then you will absolutely serious about your cup of Joe, especially in the morning where you need the boasting most. Again, as a serious coffee fan, you will definitely have come across of Green Mountain Coffee; if not, you might have tried it without knowing what it was. Green Mountain Coffee is one of the most popular coffee brands in the market today and the sale of this company is quite amazing.

Green Mountain Coffee is a coffee manufacturer that is based our of Waterbury, Vermont. It started out as a small cafe in Waitsfield, Vermont back in 1981, with the initial purpose of serving the local customers. However, due to the delicious and aromatic coffee that they served, this brand has become so popular that it quickly spread across the state, then the nation and eventually, much of the world. People who have tasted it would come back for the second cup and the next and next. And now, Green Mountain coffee is a famous coffee company that has become a household name, every coffee drinker will have at least a packet of this coffee stored at home.

Green Mountain Coffee
Green Mountain Coffee

Green Mountain Coffee is one of America's leading organic coffee producers. Organic coffee which sometimes also known as green coffee is the type of coffee that is planted without using any artificial chemicals or fertilizers of any kind that will do damages to the environment. On top of that, this company also practicing eco-friendly harvesting techniques that will not do any harm to the environment. Conventional coffee producers normally will do a lot of damages from planting to harvesting their crops. Green Mountain Coffee's products are 'Free Trade Certified' (refer below).

Green Mountain Coffee has their plantation mostly in Mexico, Hawaii, Central and South America, Africa and Indonesia. There is a significant similarity between these paces where the growing conditions are just right for producing mild and delicious beans. Moreover, the process is very green, as mentioned above. Green Mountain Coffee categorizes its coffees into three main regional types; namely, the Americas, Indonesia and Africa.

Each of this region has different soils and different climates, which make the beans that are grown in a specific area will have a different taste, texture, consistency and aroma. With these varieties of choices, coffee lovers can now enjoy different taste and aroma of their favorite cup of joe. For example, coffee beans that are produced in the Americas, are generally smoother, with just the right mixture of acidity and sweetness. And so coffee made of these beans have wonderful aroma that hard to resist.

On the other hand, coffee made of Indonesia grown beans will typically has a strong but yet smooth flavor. These coffees are usually heavy, with a sweet, earthy taste and a tantalizing smell. So for coffee drinker that prefers a rich aroma and deep texture, this is the right one.

With the variety choices of coffee that offered by Green Mountain Coffee, a coffee drinker will at least find one that matches it tastes. For non coffee drinkers,they can consider buying green mountain coffee as gifts for their friends and families that love coffee. When wrapped in an attractive gift basket, this could be the best gift that they ever received.

Green Mountain Coffee and The Fair Trade Policy

Green Mountain Coffee was among the first coffee roasters in the States to include 'Fair Trade' policy in their line of production. The 'Fair Trade' policy is a business practice that does not emphasize the profitability of the business alone, without taking into consideration the effect that it might have created towards the social and environment. For example, the business has to make sure that their operation would not hurt the biology cycle in the area that they operate.

Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade Policy
Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade Policy

Fair Trade focuses on providing 'sustainable products' - products that can benefit everyone and hopefully everything (social and environmental issues). One of the objectives of this policy is to help people to get out of poverty and into a better life through their labors. This agreement also guarantees coffee grower a minimum price for their beans. So even if the coffee market price falls down, the growers will still receive not less that $1.55 a pound for organic coffee and $1.35 a pound for regular coffee. This fixed minimum price exceeds the overall production costs and so growers are always guaranteed a profit.

Green Mountain Coffee aims to expand the market demand for sustainable "Free Trade Certified" coffees over non certified. As by doing this they can help more people around the world especially places that have poverty problem, as they expand their lines of sustainable coffees.

Green Mountain K-Cups

For those who have not tried Green Mountain Coffee and do not know anything about the K-Cups, here's are the introduction of it.

K-Cups are the single serving of coffee (can be tea or cocoa) containers used with Keurig single cup coffee brewers. Keurig was the company that created and pioneered in brewing technology. Keurig, now a subsidiary of Green Mountain Coffee license the K-Cups design to the best, highest quality of coffee providers in the world. Through this licensing program, they could now make their own coffees or teas available to be used with the Keurig brewers, based on their own specifications for the perfect grind and roast of each bean.

Each coffee K-Cup contains a miniature filter and just the right amount of portion for brewing a perfect single cup of coffee, according to each manufacturer.The cups are perfectly sealed and protected so that the coffee inside could be kept fresh at the time it is consumed. With the K-Cup, you can now forget about handling filters, grinding beans and measuring the right amount of coffee. Brewing your cup of coffee never has been easier!

This K-Cups System is definitely a best way to brew individual coffee. With it, there will be no more making 2 different pots of coffee for 2 different people every day, and throwing half of it away (if it is not consumed). This could also prevent inter-office quarreling over decaf or not, or even about other beverages (such as tea and cocoa). Each and every person can make their own personal favorite cup whenever they like, just one cup at a time, with not wastage.

Some of the Keurig's K-Cup single brewers models also allow you to choose the size of the brewed cup and to control the strength of each cup (mild, medium or rich), and as well as the temperature of your brew.

Buying Green Mountain Coffee?

The best method to explore all the great varieties and flavors of Green Mountain Coffee and Green Mountain K-Cups have to offer is through online. Through various of online store and marketplaces, you will definitely discover different scores of Green Mountain Coffee, which all sound delicious and irresistible. The only thing that you need to do is to decide on which flavors that you want to try them out first.

To make it convenient for you, here is a list of Green Mountain Coffee Roaster K-Cups selection guide:

  • Extra Bold K-Cup Coffees: This contains 20% more coffee than the Regular K-Cups and this is recommended if you like strong and full body tasting coffee.
  • Signature K-Cup Coffees: The best and most delicious blends of flavored coffees and decaf.
  • Seasonal K-Cups Coffees: Best flavors of the season. This is definitely MUST try.
  • Single Cup Samplers: This package contains an assortment of 3 different K-Cups in a box. Recommended for people who want to try out different flavors at one go.
  • Decaf K-Cup Coffees: This obviously meant for people who love coffee minus the caffeine.

Now go and make your K-Cups experience the best. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters K-Cup is definitely a great choice, with a great varieties of coffees.

Green Mountain Coffee - K-Cups
Green Mountain Coffee - K-Cups

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Review


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    8 years ago from Subang, Malaysia

    I love Green Moutain Coffee very much!


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