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Halloween Martinis

Updated on October 24, 2010

Shaking and Stirring Up the Martini

According to Wikipedia, "The martini is a cocktail made with gin and vermouth and garnished with an olive. Over the years, the martini has become one of the best-known mixed alcoholic beverages. H. L. Mencken once called the martini 'the only American invention as perfect as the sonnet,' and E. B. White called it 'the elixir of quietude.' It is also the drink of the one-time 'three-martini lunch' of business executives."

But that's boring. Some people would say that this collection of drinks are only called martinis because of the glass they use. Well... it is a cool glass. You feel a little more sophisticated holding one... a little Holly Golightly perhaps. Besides, what else are you going to serve at your Undead 007 party?

So martini or not give a few of the recipes I've collected a try. Let me know how you like them.

If you're looking for more beverages check out Halloween Beverages For Adults or Adult Halloween Punch Recipes

Image by Salvatore Vuono

Black Martini

3 1/2 oz gin or vodka

1/2 oz blackberry brandy or black raspberry liqueur

lemon twist for garnish

Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice and shake. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass or serve on the rocks in an old-fashioned glass.

Garnish with a lemon twist.

Black Cat Martini

1 oz. White Crme de Cacao

1 oz. Crme de Banana

1 oz. Cream

Combine all the ingredients in a shaker filled with ice, shake and strain into a cocktail glass.

Black Devil Martini

2 ounces dark rum

1/2 ounce dry vermouth

Black Olive

Stir and strain into chilled martini glass, garnish with an olive. Tip: For a more decorative look, rim the glass with orange sugar.

Caramel Apple Pie-tini

1 3/4 oz. Baileys with a Hint of Caramel

1/3 oz. Smirnoff Twist Green Apple Vodka

1/3oz. Applesauce

Dash of Caramel Syrup

Pour the applesauce into bottom of glass and float dash of caramel. Shake all other ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker, strain and float on top of the applesauce and caramel.

Garnish with a slice of caramel apple.


2 parts Kahlua

1 part Vodka (try Smirnoff)

1/2 part Fresh Brewed Espresso

Combine in an ice filled cocktail shaker. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with 3 espresso beans.

Eyeball Martini

3 ounces Van Gogh Vodka or Gin

Hint of Dry Vermouth

Pour ingredients into cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously for five seconds and strain into martini glass. Garnish with an olive stuffed radish that has been scored to create the “veins” of an eyeball.

Ghostly Martini

1 ounce Midori

1 ounce vodka

Dash of fresh lemon juice

Combine in an ice filled cocktail shaker. Strain into a martini glass. Drizzle grenadine down the side of the glass to create a blood-like effect. Add a chocolate-dipped orange slice for a garnish.

Smashing Pumpkin

3 oz. Infused Spiced Pumpkin Vodka

1 oz. amaretto

toasted pumpkin seeds for

Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice. Stir gently and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with seeds. A good substitute for the infused vodka is 2 1/2 oz of Stoli Cinammon Vodka & 1/2 oz. of Bols Pumpkin Smash Liqueur.

Gummy Worm Martini

1-1/2 ounces Three Olives Mango Vodka

1-1/2 ounces Three Olives Raspberry Vodka

1/2 ounce Blue Curacao

1 ounce Lemon-Lime Soda

Maraschino Cherry

Shake vodka, Blue Curacao and soda over ice and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a cherry.


1 part ABSOLUT 100

part Lemon-Lime Soda

part Pineapple Juice

part Sour Mix

part Grenadine

Splash of Blue Curacao

Shake all ingredients over ice in a highball glass. Garnish with a lemon slice.

Jack O'Tini

2 oz. Vodka - chilled

1/4 oz. Bols Pumpkin Smash Liqueur

1 Candy Corn

Place a single candy corn at the bottom of chilled cocktail glass. Combine vodka and liqueur a shaker with ice, shake well and strain into the glass.

Mad Eye Martini

1/2 oz Hpnotiq liqueur

1 oz super premium vodka

2 oz lychee juice

For Eyeball Garnish:

1 canned grade AA lychee in syrup, drained

1/4 tsp cherry, strawberry or raspberry preserves

1 blueberry

Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Lychee Eyeball Garnish:

Dry lychee and fill with preserves. Place blueberry, blossom end facing out, into the cavity. Skewer with cocktail pick.


1-1/2 ounces Vodka

3/4 ounces Blue Cointreau

3/4 ounces Orange Juice

Orange slice, or orange rind-optional garnish

Mix in a shaker with ice. Mix well. Strain and serve straight up in chilled martini glass

Pumpkin Martini

3 ounces spiced Pumpkin Vodka

1 ounce Amaretto

Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice. Stir or shake gently and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with toasted pumpkin seeds. If Pumpkin Vodka is unavailable use the following: blend of 2-1/2 ounces Cinnamon Vodka and 1/2 ounce Bols Pumpkin Smash Liqueur. Continue with the 1 ounce Amaretto.


1/2 ounce Sylk Cream Liqueur

2 ounces Vanilla Vodka

1/2 ounce Pumpkin Liqueur or pumpkin spice syrup

1 teaspoon whipped cream

cinnamon stick for garnish

Pour the Sylk Liqueur and vodka into a shaker filled with ice. Shake well. Add the pumpkin liqueur or syrup and shake again. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and top with a teaspoon of whipped cream.


32 ounces Vodka

16 ounces Chocolate Liqueur

1 64-ounce pitcher

1 sleeve of graham crackers or more if needed

1 jar marshmallow creme (Marshmallow Fluff)

16 martini glasses (disposable versions available at party stores)

1 bag wooden skewers

1 bag miniature marshmallows

Pour vodka and chocolate liqueur into pitcher and stir. Refrigerate for several hours until very cold. Crush a graham crackers and place into a small bowl. Rim martini glasses with marshmallow crme. Dip glasses into graham cracker crumbs and shake gently to remove excess. Place marshmallows on skewers and toast over an open flame. Pour 3 ounces of cold drink mixture into each prepared glass and serve with toasted marshmallow as garnish.

Tootsie Roll Martini

1 oz vodka

1 1/2 oz Kahlua

1 oz orange juice

Garnish: tootsie roll

Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with tootsie roll


1 part coconut cream

1 part tangerine flavored mixer (suggested, Stirrings Tangerini)

1 part banana liqueur

Splash of white rum

Chill ingredients in fridge or freezer. Once cooled, pour the first three ingredients, in the order listed above, slowly over the back side of a spoon into a martini glass. Top with a splash of white rum.

Vampire's Kiss Martini

1 1/2 oz Finlandia Vodka

1 1/2 oz Korbel Champagne

3/4 oz Chambord

red sugar for rimming


Rim the glass with red sugar (use food coloring) or drop in a set of wax vampire teeth for a real surprise. Pour vodka and half of the Chambord in a martini glass.

Top with Champagne.

Pour the remaining Chambord over the back of a spoon to make it float.

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      7 years ago

      Ooh I like this lens too... love the martinis!


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