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Hamilton Beach Coffee Pot Friend

Updated on March 18, 2018

Red's Story

My trusty and reliable coffee friend Red sits on my counter. He's from Hamilton Beach. He waits patiently for me each morning to pour in the water, fill the coffee grounds and press start so he can make a pot of coffee. Sometimes I only want a half of pot of made and he's willing to do just that for me. Depending on what flavor of coffee I am in the mood for Red can brew it! I drink mostly the plain classic flavor so I can add delightful flavors of creamer. I'm not a plain Jane black coffee drinker. It must be sweetened up! Every once in awhile Red will treat me to chocolate silk or triple berry flavors but mint is favorite. So I grab my favorite mug and he helps me pour a cup to help me get the day started. I'm special you know so he makes it worthwhile! Its so nice Red is flexible to my needs.

If I wanted, Red will let me fill the water and coffee grounds the night before and set the timer in front of his face. Then I can wake up to a freshly brewed smell of coffee that is waiting for me! That reminds of the Folgers jingle. Did you know there is a Folgers wakin up alarm app for your phone? You can get it on an android or iPhone. Just think you can sink that with your coffee pot time. How cool is that! You can even choose from 10 different nifty tunes such as:

  • Sunrise
  • The bright side
  • Signal
  • It's the little things
  • A quiet bedroom
  • An early start
  • Feel the beat,
  • A day of full opportunity,
  • Wakin up bells
  • Wakin up guitar.

So far my galaxy Sam is set for the bright side. Now I wish Red could sing to me Goodmorning Beautiful by Steve Holy. That would absolutely make my day! None the less the purr of Red making my coffee just for ME is music to my ears which is perfect! He's such a reliable coffee pot! I'm glad Hamilton Beach sent him my way. I don't know what I'd do without Red to make my day!

Folgers Jingles

Just to get your morning started I'll share three Folgers jingles. The first one is the winner for 2013. I love the country background and the guitar sounds! The second one is for all those business coffee drinkers. The third one is just a fun simple one that just starts at home. Enjoy a tune while you brew a fresh cup of coffee to enjoy!

2013 Contest Folgers Jingle One

2013 Contest Folgers Jingle Two

Red's Coffee Nook

Red chilling out with Ms. Squidoo mug!
Red chilling out with Ms. Squidoo mug!

© 2013 Cheryl Fay Mikesell

What coffee maker sits on your counter waiting on you each day?

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