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Healthy Monkfish Recipes

Updated on January 26, 2015
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Gordon has been cooking and experimenting with food since childhood. He loves coming up with new and tasty culinary creations.

What is a Monkfish?

It is fairly unlikely that monkfish will ever be described as one of the most aesthetically pleasing fish in the seas or oceans. Also known as anglerfish, it has an extremely distinctive - perhaps even ferocious - appearance. Sadly, this fact alone often puts people off discovering just what a delicious eating experience monkfish can truly provide.

Sustainable Seafood Recipes

This book not only provides us with a magnificent range of tasty fish recipes but - very importantly - acknowledges the fact that some species are becoming endangered and that we all have to be aware of this fact in deciding what fish we eat and when.

Ocean Friendly Cuisine: Sustainable Seafood Recipes From The World's Finest Chefs
Ocean Friendly Cuisine: Sustainable Seafood Recipes From The World's Finest Chefs

This is a cookbook with a difference. It not only features a whole host of easy to make fish and seafood recipes, it focuses very firmly on protecting the species' at the same time. Snap it up at this bargain price today and start making the recipes tomorrow!


How to Fillet a Monkfish - A step by step video guide

Click the arrow in the centre of the box to play the video

Useful and Practical Tip for Cooking Monkfish

Incredibly simple but very effective

I remember coming across this tip some time ago now but I cannot recall where. I have noted, however, that it is something Gordon Ramsay does in the instructional video further down this page, so perhaps it was from one of his shows I acquired it.

Monkfish naturally has a very high water content. If we therefore take the fillets and cook them straight away, this water is likely to form part of our finished dish and can have the effect of making the fish soggy, or perhaps diluting the flavour of the sauce. If, however, we salt the fillets and set them aside on a plate for five to ten minutes prior to cooking them or incorporating them with the remainder of our ingredients, the salt will extract much of this excess water which can simply then be discarded.

Monkfish baked in tomato sauce
Monkfish baked in tomato sauce

Baked Monkfish in Tomato Sauce

A simple recipe requiring very little preparation time

This is a delicious dish in which the monkfish can easily be substituted for another type of firm white fish. Cod also works very well cooked in this way.

To provide enough for two people, you will need:

1 large monkfish tail fillet (chopped in to bite-sized chunks)

2 large cans of chopped tomatoes in tomato juice (excess juice drained away)

2 cloves of garlic (crushed or very finely chopped)

5 or 6 fresh basil leaves (roughly torn or chopped)

2oz of hard cheddar cheese (grated)

1 tbsp olive oil

A little salt and pepper to taste

Put your oven on to pre-heat to 200 degrees celsius or equivalent. Heat the olive oil gently in a large pan and sweat off the garlic for a few moments, stirring frequently. Add the tomatoes and the basil, season, and bring to a boil, then simmer until the oven is heated. Add the monkfish to the pan and stir very well before transferring the mixture to an appropriately sized, oven-proof dish. Place in the centre of the oven for 30/35 minutes.

Remove the dish from the oven and sprinkle over the grated cheese. Place the dish under a hot grill for twenty to thirty seconds until the cheese is melted and starts to bubble.

This dish is delicious served simply with some boiled and lightly buttered baby new potatoes and boiled or steamed fresh broccoli.

Gordon Ramsay Cooks Monkfish - Roasted monkfish recipe, served with a curried mussel broth

A Passion for Seafood - by Gordon Ramsay and Roz Denny

As one of the world's top chefs, Gordon Ramsay naturally has to turn his hand to a great many types of ingredients and recipes. In this book, however, the focus is entirely upon fish and seafood. Do you want to learn how to prepare fish and seafood like a master chef. Look how much you are currenlty saving by buying this fantastic book through - order your copy today!

Want to Learn More About Monkfish? - What it is, where it lives...or simply other means of cooking it?

Check through the links below where hopefully you will find all you need - or could ever want - to know about this delicious fish.

Thank you for your visit to this site and I very much hope that you enjoyed what you found here. I also hope that if you have never before tasted monkfish, you will now make a point of doing so.

I would be grateful if you could spare just another moment or two to leave me any comments you may have in the space below.

Do you like Monkfish? - Have you ever tasted it?

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    • tazzytamar profile image

      Anna 3 years ago from chichester

      How can a fish so ugly taste so good? It's easy to prepare and more meaty than other fish, so you always feel full after. I really like monkfish but I know it isn't everyone's cup of tea

    • hopkism profile image

      hopkism 5 years ago

      To see that anyone eats monkfish surprises me... Sorry to say but my palate is not convinced... lol

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I tried Monkfish 2 weeks ago bc it was on sale. I was told by the fish guy that it's like lobster. Well, I've found my new favorite fish. Don't mind what the fish looks like, or the descriptions of it being the "poor man's lobster." Though it's not lobster, I personally think it's delicious. It's got a succulent, mild, buttery taste like lobster, is easier to cook, and costs less than $10/lb (for me, less than $8/lb). I use a very simple stovetop braising method with onions, garlic, red pepper flakes, chicken broth and canned diced tomatoes, and the fish comes out perfect every time. EVERY time.

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 5 years ago from Central Florida

      I might have to close my eyes to eat this one. I'm trying to eat more fish though.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      never tasted it isn't a pleasant looking fish either..haha

    • magictricksdotcom profile image

      magictricksdotcom 5 years ago

      That is one frightening looking fish!

    • top101 profile image

      top101 6 years ago

      going to try it. cool lens.

    • profile image

      CanterPR 6 years ago

      I have always been a bit intimidated by monkfish. I am looking forward to trying it.

    • KjRocker LM profile image

      KjRocker LM 6 years ago

      i never tasted Monk fish will surely try it out someday

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      I love monkfish! I ate it for the first time last night at my favorite restaurant. It was served in a creamy oyster sauce. The majority of the pieces of monkfish that I was served had the texture of lobster, but they did not have the sweet flavor, however, they were so delicious. There were a few pieces that resembled, I don't know if this is an adequate description, but they were like a portion of a thick cod filet. Sooooo good!

    • senditondown profile image

      Senditondown 6 years ago from US

      Monkfish is delicious. It's all about the taste and not the "face".

    • intermarks profile image

      intermarks 6 years ago

      I have tasted it once at the restaurant. I would say it is an ugly but yet delicious fish. Great lens!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      I'd love to try this at a restaurant where they should know how to make this dish.

    • TolovajWordsmith profile image

      Tolovaj Publishing House 6 years ago from Ljubljana

      Looks like a real monster. I bet it tastes great!

    • danniblaze profile image

      danniblaze 6 years ago

      That is one ugly fish. I would still try it though

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Love Monk fish. Have served it and guest thought they were eating lobster. At times hard to find

    • Mary Crowther profile image

      Mary Crowther 6 years ago from Havre de Grace

      Great lens and now I want to try monkfish!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      I've never had monkfish but sure would be happy to give it a try, my favorite fish is walleye because I grew up with it but I have never tried a fish I didn't like!

    • profile image

      madhu2219 6 years ago

      great recipe.....

    • profile image

      RecipePublishing 6 years ago

      Never tried it although I would love to.

    • profile image

      r2fish 6 years ago

      This is such a fascinating lens I found it so full of useful informative information. Thank you for sharing this with us...

    • MamaBelle profile image

      Francis Luxford 7 years ago from United Kingdom

      I don't think I've ever tried monkfish. Looks really delicious, though.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Definitely going to try the baked monkfish in tomatyo sauce. Looks delicious. Thanks.

    • mysticmama lm profile image

      Bambi Watson 7 years ago

      I always wondered what that ugly fish in the movie "Mama Mia" was ~ definitely a monkfish...

      ~ Blessed >*

    • LizMac60 profile image

      Liz Mackay 7 years ago from United Kingdom

      I shall certainly try monkfish now. blessed by a squid angel.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Thank you for all the yummy ideas.

    • noobeegin profile image

      noobeegin 7 years ago

      I just recently tried monkfish. It was awesome! Glad you put together this lens. Great stuff here.

    • LotusMalas profile image

      LotusMalas 7 years ago

      I've never tried minkfish but I have heard about it quite oftem. I'll have to try it!

    • profile image

      julieannbrady 7 years ago

      You know, I don't think I have had monkfish that many times. Good to know more recipes for this fish!

    • TheyCallMeVarmit profile image

      TheyCallMeVarmit 7 years ago

      It's an ugly fish, but usually the ugliest ones are the tastiest. Never had it before, but curious to try these recipes. Nice lens.

    • Sami4u LM profile image

      Sami4u LM 7 years ago


      I must say I have never heard of Monkfish before. Tomatoes, garlic, and cheddar cheese all sounds like a tasty dish. Thanks for the recipe.

    • eclecticeducati1 profile image

      eclecticeducati1 7 years ago

      I don't think I have tried monkfish before. It sounds tasty. Great lens.

    • profile image

      PetMemorialWorld 7 years ago

      Great lens. I will be trying some of these tips next time I catch a monk fish.

      Not only are they not pretty they have a really hard head - not the place to spear one!

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Appreciate the tip about salting it first to get rid of the water content - thanks

    • profile image

      MartinPrestovic 7 years ago

      What a strange looking fish! I didn't know they look like that. Looks like one of the monsters of the deep, you know, those weird looking fish predators that lives at the deepest parts of the ocean?

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      Great info. Love the taste of the fish. What is the best way to catch them - inshore, offshore?

    • profile image

      oldbird 8 years ago

      I'm sold! Now if I could just find one of these monkfish in the Hawaii markets! Last one I saw was in Seattle. thanks for a great lens--definite 5 for me!

      Aloha, from Hawaii!

    • profile image

      oldbird 8 years ago

      Okay, I'm sold. Now to just find one of these monkfish in the Hawaii markets! Last I saw was in Seattle! Great lens! aloha from Hawaii!

    • Lizblueberry profile image

      Lizblueberry 8 years ago

      Another great lens Gordon... thanks:) I have not had Monkfish in quite some time. I love it.

    • northamerica profile image

      northamerica 8 years ago

      Thanks for the great information. I have a page on American monkfish and enjoyed reading about UK cuisine.

    • profile image

      how-to-cook-eggs 8 years ago

      very interesting and helpful thanx. 5

    • AppalachianCoun profile image

      AppalachianCoun 8 years ago

      Wondeful lens. We always wanted to try to fix this. Thank-you for the great tip and recipe.

    • Swisstoons profile image

      Thomas F. Wuthrich 8 years ago from Michigan

      Yet another well-written, interesting and very tasty lens to roll to Laftovers. And lots of great links, too. 5-starring and favoriting.

    • profile image

      California_Dreamin 9 years ago

      I love monkfish. Actually, I live in Japan so I eat a fair amount of seafood. By the way, great lens, it's been favorited.

    • TopStyleTravel profile image

      TopStyleTravel 9 years ago

      Great lens on monkfish. I have never tried it but saw Julia Childs do a show on the virtues of monkfish. Hope I can find monkfish fillets to try since I am a little skiddish about the appearance of this fish. Congrats on the Top 100!

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      Great lens! I've never even heard of monkfish before, but now I really want to try it! :)

    • Sniff It Out profile image

      Sniff It Out 9 years ago

      Great lens, monkfish is a nice, 'meaty' fish and one of my favourites. Welcome to The Cooks Cafe group

    • KimGiancaterino profile image

      KimGiancaterino 9 years ago

      Very nice lens... definitely not the most attractive fish, but you made it look mighty tasty! Welcome to Culinary Favorites From A to Z.

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      Great lens. Never tried monkfish. Actually, I've never even heard of it. Great tips for preparing, and very informative! Welcome to the group, "Recipes from the Heart!"

    • profile image

      chriskelley 9 years ago

      Monkfish is one of my very favorites!