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Home Made Bread

Updated on March 28, 2015

Fresh Home Made Bread

White Loaf


400g bread flour

one and a half cups of water

half tablespoon of sugar

1 teaspoon of salt

1 teaspoon of yeast

2 tablespoons of butter or vegetable oil



1-put the flour in a large bowl,make a well in the centre

2- mix in the yeast,the salt.the vegetable oil,sugar,and water.

3- mix all the ingredients by gradually working them in to the middle of the bowl.eventually they will combine to a stiff dough.

4-once in the dough form,remove from bowl .

5-lay dough out on a floured surface.

6-knead gently for five to ten minutes.

7-cover in clingfilm, and leave in fridge for 1 hour.

8-after one hour take out dough and reknead the mixture for five minutes.

9-put back in fridge for a further 30 minutes.

10-take out of fridge and put dough in to a greased loaf tin. (i use a 2Ib tin)

11-put in preheated oven gas mark 6 for 1 hour.near top of oven.

12-after the hour is over,remove the loaf and run a blunt knife down through the top of the loaf.

13-if the knife comes out dry,the loaf is ready.

14-once cooked put on a wire rack to allow bread time to settle and firm up.

15- once cooled enjoy.

14-if its still wet,put in centre of the oven for a further ten mnutes.

The best snack.

theres nothing better than hot home made bread straight out of the bread maker,or the oven.i put butter on the hot bread followed by apricot jam.the taste is divine.i don't think shop bought bread is as good as home made,in my opinion. There's no comparison just with the taste alone.and the added bonus is,you know exactly what's in the bread.with shop bread there could be anything in it.


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