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I Love Homemade Jerky

Updated on March 19, 2015

I Love Homemade Jerky!

Making your own jerky is the best way to go! Although it may take a little time, it's so worth the wait.

I've been making jerky for 3 years now and love it! My family and friends can't get enough! Lol!

I use top round beef, fresh ingredients and a dehydrator, There is no limit to the flavors and combinations you can make. The taste is absolutely amazing compared to store bought jerky.

Although it may take some cooking time, get the family involved in the process. My kids love helping make jerky! Only because they know they get to eat it all.

Check out my tips below and don't forget to take the poll!

Jerky Flavor Tips

Flavors can be made with dry rubs, wet marinades or fresh ingredients.

When using dry rubs - make sure you mix the dry ingredients in a separate container and taste, taste, taste. For example, Garlic & Pepper - Add Garlic Powder or Fresh Crushed Garlic, Pepper and Curing Salt, mix well and taste until you like it. Always taste your dry mixture before adding to the meat.

For wet marinades, go to your local store and check out the sauce isle. There are several flavors to choose from: Teriyaki, Garlic Sauces, Liquid Hickory and Liquid Mesquite. Be aware of how much salt is in the marinades, if it's a high salt content (700 mg-1200 mg) that would be enough for 4 to 5 lbs of meat. You can add curing salt to mixture if you think it needs it (rule is 2 tbsp of curing salt per lb) and marinate for at least 24 hours. The longer the meat marinates the better it will taste.

Try using fresh ingredients when you can. Another example, Jalapeno Jerky requires 1-2 jalapenos per pound. I clean out the seeds and chop up the jalapenos. If you want spicy, hot Jalapeno Jerky, simply add just 1 small Habanero pepper. And trust me when I say, 1 Habanero Pepper is enough! Lol!

Marinate for 24 hours and Cook for 6-12 hours.

*Cook time varies depending on the thickness of the strips and how much meat you place on the dehydrator.

Comment below with any questions.

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© 2014 Dawn Thompson

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