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How I Avoid Monsanto's Genetically Modified Foods In My Diet

Updated on September 7, 2014

Why I Avoid GMOs In My Diet

I am someone who strives to eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats- you know, have a well rounded diet with minimal fatty/sugary sweets. I am doing the right thing according to [U.S.] society. I was completely ignorant of the dangers of genetically modified foods. I was aware that organic is healthier because it contains fewer pesticides; however, I didn√Ęt know anything about GMOs -the manipulation of seeds so that they can withstand pesticides such as Roundup. Scientists have genetically engineered seeds and changed their structure to survive strong pesticides that would normally kill the crop.

Luckily I was brought out of the dark thanks to friends who were aware of the evil multinational billion dollar corporation. Naturally, I am curious about anything health related so I began reading everything I could get my hands on. I grew more and more disgusted the more I read.

Monsanto is an evil corporation and bully. Some people have gone so far as to call them MonSatan. Consumers are repeatedly mislead to believe that their products are superior and good for the world. Their business is thriving off of their frightening use of GMO seeds. They want to drive away all competitors so that they can control the market with their poisonous crops. I am sickened that I have spent so many years of my life filling up on GMOs.

Please educate yourself about Monsanto and genetically modified food. Monsanto wants an ignorant and uniformed public, and they will continue to spend millions to betray us at the expense of our health. Based on what I have seen so far, I will personally do my best to avoid GMOs in my diet.

Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons

Say No To GMOs!

I am just learning how to eat truly naturally, and I am finding it very difficult to avoid genetically modified food. Because my options of eating out are severely limited, I have been doing my best to prepare foods in my own kitchen. Although I save money by not eating out, I tend to spend more at the grocery store buying non-gmo verified foods and organic foods. Overall, it is difficult to prepare everything, but I know that it is worth the effort.

I shop at Costco, Whole Foods, Mother's Market, Sprouts and Amazon. I try to buy products with the Non-GMO Project Verified Seal. If I can't find the seal, I try to find Organic options. Buying organic foods or non-GMO verified foods are really the best options available to avoid genetically modified foods. Unfortunately, even these choices don't guarantee that you are not eating GMOs, but they are still good options that will significantly lower the amount of GMOs that you consume.

I have added ideas on this page about what I have done (as a newbie) to start eating GMO free. As I learn more and gain new insight, I will add that information here, but I also want to hear from you! Please comment if you have any ideas, or staples in your GMO-free diet that you recommend!

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Non-GMO Cookbook: Recipes and Advice for a Non-GMO Lifestyle

But... It's Too Expensive!

I agree! It is hard to justify spending more on non-gmo verified and organic food. My pocketbook screams when I pick up that organic carton of eggs that is sitting right next to the cheaper version. This is why I eat mainly beans and rice!

I have had to make a lot of sacrifices to eat healthier, and I know a lot of you have to as well. In the long run, I believe that it is worth it. Our health should be on the top list of our priorities. I cannot always afford to buy everything organic, but I know that every little bit makes a difference!

Photo by: MandyStradley

The Most Important Things To Avoid

  • The Institute of Responsible Technology advices that genetically modified crops in the U.S. may include soy, cotton, canola, sugar beets, corn, Hawaiian papaya, zucchini, and yellow squash. Some of these ingredients may be part of a variety of processed foods, and it is extremely difficult to determine (without labeling) if the food has been modified. This is why I stick to non-gmo verified or organic, ESPECIALLY for these items!
  • You also have to be wary of meat, eggs and dairy products where the animals may have been fed genetically modified food.
  • Source of Information:
  • Institute Of Responsible Technology
  • Learn more about Genetically Modified Food on
  • Wikipedia!



Many people consider breakfast as the most important meal of the day. It is certainly important to eat a well-balanced breakfast in the morning. It helps me to be refreshed and have the energy I need to start the day.

Examples Of What I Eat:

Cereal or granola and fresh berries with milk or yogurt (I love Nature's Path cereal and granola, and they are actually cheaper on Amazon then at my local grocery store)

Frozen Waffles with Real Maple Syrup (I like Nature's Path frozen waffles)

Eggs cooked with fresh zucchini and onion

Oatmeal with fresh fruit and milk

French Toast


Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain Cereal Original

I love this cereal. I will admit it's not for everyone (my husband says it tastes like cardboard), but it tastes great to me! It reminds me somewhat of grape nuts, if you've ever had those. I feel healthy and satisfied eating this cereal, and I love to have it with milk or on top of yogurt.


Throughout the day I tend to snack a lot. I love to munch on apples or brown rice cakes to curb my appetite. I also LOVE the KIND Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt bars- I have a subscription on Amazon!

KIND Bars, Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt, Healthy Snacks, Gluten Free, Low Sugar, 6g Protein, 12 Count
KIND Bars, Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt, Healthy Snacks, Gluten Free, Low Sugar, 6g Protein, 12 Count
There are quite a few flavors of these KIND bars, but this is my favorite! The sweet and salty combination is devine!

Navitas Naturals Superfood Snacks

My cousin gave me a bag of Navitas Naturals Blueberry Hemp Superfood. I ate about 2 or 3 little squares a day, and I loved them! I will be purchasing these on Amazon because they are $10.00 at my local grocery store!


I like to make a taco salad for lunch. I can get it all ready to go to heat up on my lunch break at work. I start off with two containers. In the first one I put chicken, beans, rice and ripped up tortillas (I love Ezekial 4:9 Spourted Grain Tortillas or Ezekial 4:9 sprouted corn tortillas). In the second container I put salad, tomatoes and any other veggies I have on hand. At lunch I heat up the chicken, beans, rice and tortillas. Then I add my salad and possibly salsa too! This dish is very versatile and healthy! I love making a taco salad, because I can prepare the main container in advance for the week. In the morning I get the salad ready to go so that it is fresh.

Some days I like to have a baked potato with chili and veggies or a veggie avocado sandwich.

Another option for those in a hurry is the Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal shake. My husband drinks one every day to replace a meal. He buys the chocolate flavor and then blends it with almond butter and almond milk.

Picture: MandyStradley's lunch at work!


For dinner, I usually keep it simple. I will have whole grains (usually brown rice, bread or quinoa), meat/protein (chicken, turkey, tofu or beef), and veggies (fresh or frozen). For those in a hurry, Costco sells a large package of organic frozen vegetables that is easy to prepare.

Spaghetti is always a favorite dinner option for me. I try to steer clear of cheap processed noodles and sauces. I love cooking whole grain noodles and adding fresh veggies to the spaghetti sauce.

I like to make a turkey, beef, or veggie burger with lettuce and tomato on whole grain bread.

Note: Mary's Free Range Organic Chicken is a good option for avoiding GMOs.

Oven Baked Vegetables Picture By: MandyStadley

Genetically Modified Food Debate

Is it worth it to try to avoid GMOs?

The Unhealthy Truth - Rated 4.5 Stars On Amazon

"When I realized that the United States recently allowed certain chemicals into the US food supply in order to enhance corporate profitability while countries around the world either banned or labeled these ingredients, I felt an obligation to convey to American eaters what eaters around the world have known for the last 15 years." -Author, Robyn O'Brien



I use the BUYCOTT app on my phone. I searched on my apps for buycott, and the app came up in my search results. You can download the app and then join a cause, such as the "Say No to GMO - Monsanto Products Boycott: Non-GMO Buycott" cause.

You can scan the bar code of food items with your phone to see if they are supported by the cause. If the food is supported it will say "No Campaign Conflicts," and will most likely be a good choice to eat.

Seeds Of Death

I recommend watching this award-winning documentary, especially if you do not know very much about Monsanto or the GMO industry.

DIY Tip: Grow a Garden!

DIY Tip: Grow a Garden!
DIY Tip: Grow a Garden!

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