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How to Cook Squid

Updated on May 24, 2014

How to Cook Squid - Learn to Cook Squid Like a Pro!

This lens is all about cooking squid. Cooking squid, like cooking octopus, can be tricky and intimidating if you don't have any experience preparing this particular type of seafood. From traditional sushi methods to fried calamari, this lens is all about how to cook squid of all types. Whether you're new to this seafood or a long time fan, you'll be amazed at the diversity of recipes and ways to prepare this popular delicacy.

I first enjoyed squid in the form of fried calamari as an appetizer at a restaurant, which came with a great sweet and sour dipping sauce. I enjoyed it so much it became a regular order any time me and some friends went out. While my Dad has stories of being in Japan for business and having to eat raw octopus or squid. While I haven't gone that far, I've also enjoyed adding squid at the local Mongolian Barbecue place as part of the mix.

There are dozens of other recipes for preparing squid, so enjoy this lens and bon apetit!

Books to Help You Learn to Cook Squid - Cook Squid | How to Cook Squid | Cooking Squid | Cooking Squid Books

Cooking squid is much easier with guidance from the experts.

Why Learn How to Cook Squid?

Cooking Squid | Why Cook Squid | How to Prepare Calimari

There are several good reasons to learn how to cook squid. While squid might not be an overly common ingredient in the United States, there are many cultures and sub cultures where squid is considered quite a delicacy. Even in the mainstream United States, a food like squid is becoming far more mainstream than it was even twenty years ago. Call it squid or call it calamari, but this dish is increasingly popular and available in many restaurants.

Some people find they genuinely like the taste of squid. Others appreciate the squid as a fine delicacy, and there are other people who don't know whether they like squid or not, but are eager to try. If you're looking to score some bonus points, then learning to cook squid is not only an interesting skill to pick up, but it can definitely impress friends, neighbors, and acquaintances, as well.

A lot of people can grill a good steak or barbecue some chicken, but how many people do you know who can properly prepare and cook squid? That's a skill that will make you stand out.

Some Seafood Cookbooks from Amazon

Great cookbooks from

Different Ways to Cook Squid

How to Cook Squid | Ways to Cook Squid | Frying Squid | Cooking Calamari

There are several different ways to prepare squid. This section can't possibly cover all the various ways there are out there to cook calamari and squid, but it can give a general overview of some of the more common styles out there that you may run into when looking for a good recipe to cook squid.

Fried Squid: This is one of the more common ways (at least in America) that squid is prepared. There are actually several different methods to frying squid, but almost all involve some batter and flavoring. It might not be deep fat fried calamari, but with several different ways to fry squid, there should be a method of seasoning that hits you as just right.

Baked squid: You don't see this method as often, and many times when squid is baked it is either chopped up and stuffed in something, or opened up and stuffed with something. This is by far and away the most common scenario for baking squid, although frying, stewing, and grilling are still the more common methods for preparing this dish.

Grilled squid: This method isn't overly common, but there are some ways to grill squid, most recommend a strong marinade, maybe even overnight, to help the squid absorb some additional flavor before tossing it out on the grill.

Stewed squid: There are many different styles of this. This can be done with a normal seafood stew or chowder to something Cajun like jambalaya. Just remember that squid's texture is different from chicken, turkey, and beef, so cook accordingly.

Those are just a few of many ways that squid can be prepared, Find one that sounds appealing and keep practicing until you get the recipe down stat!

The Big Question About How to Prepare Squid... - Cook Calamari | Fried Squid | Boil Squid | Broil Squid | Microwave Squid

What is the best way to prepare squid? What is your favorite option for making squid?

What is the best tasting squid?

See results

Where to Find Good Squid Recipes

Finding Calamari Recipes | Good Recipes for Squid | Cooking Squid

After you decided on which style of squid cooking that you want to engage in, make sure to get all the necessary utensils and cooking tools that you need in order to prepare the dish. There are many very different ways to prepare squid, from sushi style calamari to breading and deep fat frying and a lot of space in between. You can find great recipes online, as well as in specialized cookbooks like for seafood, Japanese cuisine, or even some booklets just on cooking squid. There are few cookbooks that are solely on squid, although some pamphlets can be found. So think of the cuisine this cooking belongs to and look around to get the best that's out there. So look around, experiment, and enjoy!

Harvesting Squid Ink - Harvesting squid ink can be useful for many different culinary adventures

A great video on how to harvest squid ink for your more adventurous attempts at culinary perfection.

Squid Cooking Links - Stir Fry Squid | Boil Squid | Cook Squid | Bake Squid

Many different great links on how to prepare squid and how to cook squid.

Cooking Squid Tutorials - Cook Squid Videos | Cooking Squid Videos | Preparing Squid Video Tutorials

Plenty of great videos that can help guide you on your quest to find the perfect way to cook squid.

Did this lens help you with any questions about how to cook and prepare squid? I hope so. Please feel free to leave a comment, and if you're a Squidoo member, to rank this page. Thanks!

Cooking Squid Lens - So What Do Ya' Think? - Cooked Squid | Fried Squid | Boiled Squid | Preparing Cooked Squid

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      @mannasugar: you must me an idiot to post this answer

    • JohnTannahill profile image

      John Tannahill 

      6 years ago from Somewhere in England

      When my son was about three I gave him squid - just pan fried in a little butter. He loved it so much, he demanded squid on a regular basis after that. He still likes it. Here in the UK, squid is quite popular. That probably stems from European holidays. Squid is great.

    • LittleLindaPinda profile image

      Little Linda Pinda 

      6 years ago from Florida

      I apologize for visiting this lens when I don't care for Squid but Squidoo asked us to visit lenses of a food we find yucky. I liked the lens for the layout and information you posted though. Sorry, but I least I came to visit you. I only tried fried squid once. It really didn't have that much flavor, it is just the idea of it.

    • mannasugar profile image


      6 years ago

      First, Why would anyone eat squid? Unless you are a giant squid. Squid must be appetizing before it can be eaten. It also must be proven that it actually taste great. Does it taste good? What Nutritional value does tentacles have? I almost misspelled tentacles with an "S"...

    • wolfie10 profile image


      7 years ago This is the URL for the lens i have created as part of my level 28 quest. hope you like it and get a bit more traffic from me.

      I think this a well present lens and i do enjoy eating squid as well. thank you


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