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How to grow mushrooms - Farming Tips for Beginners

Updated on October 3, 2015

Mushrooms, in simple words, are the fruiting body of a fungus. They are produced on the soil or on their food source. They are considered a costly food; some of them are edible and are referred to as a delicacy. They are also named as one of the most important of the horticulture crops. Mushrooms are available all year round, with 1290 edible species to choose from. In actuality there are 6000 different species but majority are considered poisonous.

Mushrooms are easy to grow and they can be grown by anyone! They do not require direct sunlight, as they do not need the sun to get requisite nutrients to survive. Interestingly, they can even be grown in absolute darkness and under kitchen sinks completely out of the way from daily work. This article will guide step by step, on how to grow mushrooms from scratch. We have chosen to grow button mushrooms in 7 steps!

Things that will be needed

1. (2ft x 3ft)- A growing tray which is 6-8 inches deep.

2. Mushroom Compost

3. Mushroom spawn

4. Peat moss

5. A piece of wood or flat object

6. A water mister

7. Few old newspapers

Starting Mushrooms

Step 1

To start off, it is important to choose an appropriate tray on which the mushrooms will be grown. As mentioned above, it has to be a 2ft by 3ft growing tray, which is preferably 6-8 inches deep. If a growing tray is not available, an alternative of a wooden box works just as well, but the measurements and depth is to be kept the same.

Growing mushroom - Step by Step Guide

Step 2

The next step requires filling the growing tray or the wooden box, with mushroom compost. Water is essential here too, but the key to a good soil is not soggy soil with large amounts of water, but the right amount the water which creates an effect of soil ‘crumbling’ when it is squeezed in the hands. Experts suggest that the soil should be well moisturized not be soggy.

Step 3

After adding the compost, the next step requires mixing 1-2 cups of dry mushroom spawn flakes into the compost. Carefully examine the soil as the mixture is supposed to loosen and get heaped into loose piles, indicating that so far you are doing a good job. After this, the mixture is to be allowed to set overnight. The next day, do not forget to press the mixture (created by compost and spawn) right into the growing tray or the wooden box, with a piece of wood (or any other flat object).

Growing mushroom - Step by Step Guide

Step 4

The mushroom growing process has started, which is why the next few steps are important for a satisfactory end result. It is important to maintain a temperature of 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Water is required here too, but a simple mist of water twice daily with tepid water is enough. A spray bottle can be used to evenly coat the water because just pouring water right in to the mixture can disrupt the growth, so be careful.

This process is to continue for 2 -3 weeks, until white webbing begins to appear on the surface of the soil.

Step 5

Once the white webbing appears on the soil, the next step is to apply a 1½-inch layer of (moist) peat moss over it. The peat moss needs to be properly moistened to result in proper mushroom growth.

Tip: Cover the peat moss with multiple layers of newspapers, and aim to keep the newspapers moist, by spraying at least twice daily. For the next days, allow the mushrooms to grow undisturbed, the ideal temperature is 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 6

After 10 days have passed, remove the newspapers but continue to mist water daily. At this point, tiny white pinheads will begin appear in the soil. For snacking, young mushroom are always good, but you can let your mushrooms grow to whatever size you want.

For more flavor, maturing mushrooms are preferable.

Step 7

Its harvest time!

Mushrooms can be harvested at any stage, as new mushrooms sprout every 10 to 14 days between 3-6 months.

Best Mushroom Varieties

White Mushrooms
Crimini Mushrooms
Enoki Mushrooms
Oyster Mushrooms
Portabella Mushrooms
Shiitake Mushrooms
Beech Mushrooms
Maitake Mushrooms

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