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How to Hard Boil Eggs

Updated on March 12, 2015

I can't believe I am doing this

I was doing some market research to see what people are looking for so that I provide them with the "how-to" of it. And I can't believe my eyes: over 90,000 people every month are looking for "how to hard boil eggs"!

At first I thought to myself: "maybe this generation of youngsters is really detached from their parents, and that's the only explanation they'd never seen their Mums hard boiling eggs.

I don't really think it is their problem alone, like for instance, why didn't their moms invite them to watch her making breakfast for the family!

Anyway, I thought that this will be my record breaking topic to write in. And here is the reason:

"To hard boil eggs put them in a pan, cover them with water, then put the pan on the stove to boil, turn off the heat and keep them covered for 10 minutes, cool down, crack and serve"

And that was it folks, that was how to hard boil eggs!

But after doing some research I discovered that there are people who can't figure out why in the world can't their hard boiled eggs' shells come off easily without taking some of the egg-white with it.

More egg recipes

Do you know that egg is the most complete food there is? An egg is a whole creature like yourself. When you eat one you get all what your body needs. Learning more recipes to cook eggs is a great idea, trust me.

Seriously is there more to hard boil eggs than to just boil them?

Actually yes, there is more to hard boil eggs than it sounds like:

1. For istance you need to make sure the eggs you're boiling didn't go bad. To do that let the eggs float in a container filled with water. If they hang close to the bottom it means they're fresh. If they've gotten bad you'll notice that they will float close to the surface of the water. The reason is that when they go bad some of the sulfer in the egg will be released in the form of hydrogen sulfide (smells really bad), which is a gas that helps the egg float. Fresh eggs will have no gas and will almost sink.

2. Please wash the eggs before you start preparing them. You know where the eggs come from, don't you? Knowing this piece of info will make you make sure you wash the eggs thoroughly without anyone asking you to. Also please be extra careful while washing the eggs because if you crack them you can not boil them. You can make an omelette instead, or use the cracked egg with a cup of flour, a cup of milk, half a teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of baking soda, half a teaspoon of baking powder, 5 tablespoons of sugar, a tablespoon of butter and some vanilla, mix thoroughly and you have a pancake mix.

3. Eggs are live. Like any other living cells, if you place that cell in a hyper-tonic solution (a solution that's saltier than the cell itself) water will migrate from inside the living cell to the saltier solution. This will make the egg contents shrink away from the shell, which means it will be easier to take the shell off without a lot of lost pieces of the egg stuck to the shell. Please note that this is only a problem with fresh eggs (laid within the past 24 hours), and the older they get the less this becomes an issue.

4. As said above don't boil cracked eggs, or else the egg content will get out in the boiling water no matter how much salt you have out there.

5. Please start by putting the tap water in the pan, dissolve the salt if you need to use it, then add the eggs (or put the eggs first then add the water and salt, doesn't really matter). Please don't boil the water first or you'll either burn your fingers or crack the eggs.

6. After everything is ready put the pan on the stove and let it boil. If you like your eggs half done this is the time to take them down and start cooling them under cold tap water. The longer you leave the eggs on the stove and in the hot water (after you turn off the stove) the harder they get, which is good for egg salad, Scotch egg, and for the taste of many people.

How to hard boil eggs

And here is a video on how to hard boil eggs.

The easiest way to hard boil eggs

And the fastest way to remove the shell at the same time.

While watching the infomercials lately I found what I thought a joke ad: it's a group of containers that fit only one egg each, and each one is shapped like eggs. You can open those containers, crack your eggs, pour the contents of the eggs inside the small container, then close tightly.

So instead of hard boiling the eggs then crack them and remove the sell, crack each one into a container and close, and upon boiling it you get the hard boiled eggs and can be obtained by opening the container.

There is also the egg cookers that I have seen in infomercials and on Amazon website. As easy as put the eggs, press the button, and it will call you when it is ready.

Spoil yourself with the technology - Put the eggs in, turn on, come back to eat.

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