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Don't Let Your Health Shake Get Boring

Updated on March 27, 2013

How to Liven Up Meal and Protein Shakes

There are just so many protein and meal shakes available these days and they have become very popular. Many people are loving the effect that they provide. Whether it be for Energy, Weight Loss, Dessert, Meal Replacement, or just the wonderful taste. So, these types of shakes are being consumed every day amongst many. Sometimes they do get boring. Even changing the flavor of the protein or meal replacement mixture seems to get a little old. It seems like the "Same Ole, Same Ole" everyday.

Sometimes you find that these 'Meal Replacement' shakes are just not filling you up. By adding more delicious and healthy fillers to your shakes, your hunger might be more satisfied. What do we add? How do we add it? If you are drinking a Nutritious protein or meal shake, make sure that what you do add is also nutritious but yet, delicious.

I am providing some quick and small recipes that can make your Nutritional Shakes more delicious, nutritious, and hunger satisfying.

Picture of my daughter enjoying her Vanilla, Cafe Late, Strawberry Shake.

Nutritious Fruit
Nutritious Fruit

What Types of Nutritious and Delicious do you Add?

Never ending Choices

Keep your shakes Healthy and Nutritious. There are never ending choices to chose from. I can not possibly name them all. Once you start adding delicious ingredients to your shakes, you will notice that you start coming up with even more ideas of items to add.

Here are some ingredient ideas: 

  • Fruits: Berries of all kinds, Kiwi, Pineapple, Bananas, Apples, Pears, Lemon, Lime, and so much more.
  • Vegetables:  Cucumber, Kale, Spinach, Carrots, Pumpkin, Butternut Squash, and so much more.
  • Other types of Protein like:  Peanut Butter, Nutella, Nuts
  • Yogurt, Jelly, Apple Sauce

If you are not watching your weight... Add Ice Cream if you choose. You might get more calories, but, you will still get Great Protein, amino acids, vitamins, and nutrition.

What is Needed for Making These Shakes? - How Will You Chose to Enjoy?

Whether you prefer Protein or Meal replacement shakes there is a large variety, flavors, and brands to choose from. So many kinds now ie.. whey, soy, pea, rice, and so many more. If you use the soy make sure it is GMO free (genetically modified organisms).

Some folks drink these shakes for added energy before or after workouts. Some drink for weight loss. A great percentage of Shake Drinkers drink for a meal.

I am, many times in a hurry and really do not have time to eat. My shake is so quick to fix. I find my shake experience Delightful, Energizing, and good going down the pallet.

Did you know how Wonderful Meal or Protein Shakes are for swallowing your vitamins and minerals. Do you have a "hand full" of supplement pills to take everyday? I know that I am not the only one. I have seen the amount that others take. Well, let me tell you, taking that "hand full" with your Shake, makes the pill taking much smoother. The taste of all of the vitamins and supplements is hardly noticeable and they all go right down smooth and easy.

What Do you Need to make Your Delicious Nutritious Shakes?

Blender, shaker, or Blender Bottle.

As for me, I am a Hurry Up shaker glass type of gal. Sometimes it is just that I am to lazy to use the blender and make all of the special recipes. Most of the time, I am in a hurry and I make my shake and,...Out the door I go.

The Shaker Glass method that I use is so quick. Put 2 or 3 pieces of ice in the glass, add the milk, and add the required amount of protein powder. Put the Lid on Snug and Tight and then.....Shake, Shake, Shake until it is well mixed and frothy. Then, you are good to go.

Make sure the lid is on tight, closed tight, and not crooked. You really do not want a mess. Especially, if you are dressed and ready to go somewhere.

It is when I have time, when my family is around, and mostly on the weekends that I make the Special Recipe Shakes. We even love to switch items up and experiment.

To put the delicious fruits, veggies, and the goodies in your shake, you will need a blender. Check out these Really handy and durable Shake Preparers. One of these items might be the "Wow" idea to make your Shake Experiences Spectacular.

Shaklee 180 and Protein Shakes
Shaklee 180 and Protein Shakes

What Type of Shake Mix Will You Chose

These are My Choices

I have been raised with this brand of protein powder since I was 5 years old. I loved it then and I always will. The Meal Shake/Smoothies are just as delicious as the Protein shakes.

I have also, through the years, tried so many others from a variety of stores and companies. I tried a lot of different brands, types, and flavors. When I try shakes, so does my family. Although, the kids liked some of the other brands, flavors, and types of shakes that we tried, I just never like the taste of any other shake. Maybe because, I tasted this kind first and nothing compares to that flavor that I personally enjoy.

Shaklee offers Soy and Whey and variety of flavors. 4 flavors. Add your own tasty ingredients to these shakes or just drink as directed on container. .

Meal Smoothies or Protein Shakes
Naturally Safe and Shaklee 100% Guarantee

This company also has a 100% money back Guarantee if you are not satisfied.

What is Your Favorite Shake Mix? - Is it a Meal Replacement or Protein?

Are you a Protein Shake Drinker? It sure is hard to find one that tastes good to the pallet. Everyone has there own preferences of Taste.

This website gives Meal Replacement Shake "Reviews" and Gives a List of the Top 10.  See if you agree.

What have you found to be the best tasting Protein or Meal Shake? Is there one that makes you feel better then another? Is there one that keeps you fuller longer?

Has anyone ever tried the Shake of my Choice?  If so, what do you think?

Is there a particular shake that is just horrible and you have had a bad experience with it?

Share with the readers. Your opinion could help others on the best quality, type, and flavor of protein shakes to chose from.


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      • 'Vikk Simmons 4 years ago from Houston

        I haven't really used one before.

      Meal Replacement Shakes: Which to Buy - Great Source of Protein

      Most Meal Replacement shakes have just as much protein if not more then just protein shakes. They just have more calories and fiber and other nutrients to feel you up enough and be a meal replacement. Only a few come with

      Leucine, which,helps your body retain muscle so your metabolism can power on as the inches come off.

      It is important that you chose Shake Mixes that do have added amino acids, the right nutrients, healthy energy builders, natural ingredients, amongst other ingredients that are important to you.

      This is a list of some of the Most Popular Meal Replacement Shakes purchased.

      Take a vote on which shakes you have tried and liked. You can Rate your favorite Shake.

      If your Favorite is not listed, you can add it to this list.

      Protein Shakes - Not a Meal Replacemet

      When Protein Shakes are mentioned that is what is meant.. "Protein". Protein shakes are Not a meal replacement.

      What are the Benefits of Protein Shakes?

      Great for energy

      Still provide Amino Acids and other Nutrients our bodies need

      Nice snack

      Great before or after a workout

      Protein Shakes are Not as high in fiber, caloric intake, and lack other nutrients that the Meal Shakes have.

      Many people drink the just " Protein' shakes. These are drunk for a great "Energy Boost'. The just "Protein" powder shakes are not enough to fill your tummy and replace a meal but, they are a good snack and a great source of protein. Our bodies need Protein. You can still add ingredients to the protein shake. This will double your protein and add extra nutrients and Yum, Yum. This powder is great for Shake Recipes.

      This is a list of some of the Most Popular Protein Drinks and Shakes purchased.

      Take a vote on which shakes you have tried and liked. You can Rate your favorite Shake.

      If you have a favorite that is not listed, you can add it to the list. How Fun.

      Healthy ingredients
      Healthy ingredients

      Now For Some Great Recipes To Try

      Liven Up Your Shakes with Healthy Change

      More then likely all of these recipes will require a Blender.

      Here we are with a lot of recipes. Mix them up. Experiment. Change ingredients, add ingredients, subtract ingredients. Do Adjust the Ice Cubes and Liquid to get the consistency you desire. There are some recipes that I could not find with some vegetables in them. This is an idea that I did hear of that we can try. Of course, I have not tried it yet.

      I heard of shake recipes with Spinach or Cucumber or Kale mixed with Pineapple and Vanilla protein powder. Now, what liquid would we use? Coconut milk, Rice milk, regular milk? If you have an idea for this, leave it in the comment area.

      Make these shakes Fun and make them your own.

      Peanut Butter Cup

      2 scoops of Chocolate Shake Mix
      8 oz  of nonfat milk or milk of your choice
      1tsp Peanut Butter
      2 or 3 cubes of ice
      Blend until frothy

      Peaches & Cream

      2 scoops of Vanilla Energizing Smoothie or Shake Mix
      8oz of your choice of milk
      1/2 cup frozen peaches (chopped)
      Ice as needed (2 or 3 cubes)
      Blend until creamy

      Banana Berry Blast

      2 scoops of Strawberry Energizing Smoothie Mix
      8oz of your choice of milk
      3 frozen strawberries
      1/4 bananna
      Ice as needed
      Blend until creamy

      The last 3 shakes are courtesy of my Shaklee Newsletter: Making a Difference!

      Orange Cream

      2 scoops of Vanilla Shake Mix of choice
      4 oz. orange juice
      4 oz. non-fat milk or low-fat soy milk
      4-6 ice cubes
      Blend until creamy

      Lemon Cream

      2 scoops of Vanilla Shake Mix of choice
      8 oz. non-fat milk or low-fat soy milk
      3 tbsp. Meyer’s lemon juice
      4-6 ice cubes
      Blend until creamy

      Protein Pumpkin Pudding
      This is a nice change from cold blended smoothies.  This is good on a

      cold day.

      1/2 Cup of Pumpkin Puree
      2 scoops of Vanilla Shake Mix of choice
      1/2 tsp of Pumpkin Pie Spice
      3 mint leaves chopped up
      8 oz coconut Milk
      mix together.  Add regular milk if you think it is to thick.
      Blend until smooth

      Almond Joy

      2 scoops of Chocolate Shake Mix
      2 Tlb of Almond Butter
      6-8 oz of Coconut Milk
      3 ice cubes
      Blend until smooth

      Strawberry Lemonade

      2 Scoops of Strawberry Shake Mix
      4 oz of Lemon Yogurt
      4 oz of Milk, Rice Milk or Almond Milk
      3 Tlb water
      1/2 tsp Lemon Extract
      Blend until Smooth

      Orange Cream, Lemon Cream, Pumpkin, Almond Joy, and Strawberry Lemonade
      Recipes from Shaklee180

      Oatmeal Protein Shake

      1/4 cup of dry uncooked oatmeal
      1 Tlb of natural-style peanut butter or cashew butter or almond butter
      1 scoop of protein powder
      1 Tlb of honey or agave nectar
      1Tlb of Flaxseed
      1 cup of milk
      1/2 tsp of Cinnamon
      2 cubes of ice
      Blend until smooth

      Recipe From: By:  Kelly in TO

      Add Your Own Ingredient Ideas - Switch it up and Make it Your Own

      Healthy and Tasty
      Healthy and Tasty

      I found this Delicious looking Photo on Pinterest.

      This is another idea. This shake is gluten free and vegan friendly. It has Roasted Carrots, Coconut Milk, raisins, and Nuts. You can add delicious Shake Powders to it, like, Vanilla or Cafe Latte. You can even add Yogurt. I have not found the true recipe for it but, make it your own.

      All About the Berries - Fun and Delectable

      Berry Berry Delish
      Berry Berry Delish

      Look at the color of this shake. It contains all natural and sweet ingredients. I found this photo and recipe on Pinterest.

      Berry Protein Shake Ingredients

      1 cup of water
      8oz of crushed ice
      1/2 frozen banana
      1 cup mixed fresh or frozen berries 8 oz.
      1 scoop

      vanilla protein powder
      2 T. golden flax meal
      2 splashes of buttermilk

      or 2 T. plain Greek yogurt

      Kid Friendly - Festive and Scrumptious

      Green Supreme Shake
      Green Supreme Shake

      This one looks so festive. Especially now for the Spring. Even Birthday Parties. This photo is also from Pinterest.

      This Shake is called: Green Supreme Shake.

      This Shake includes: Kiwi, Banana, Avocado, Green Tea & Coconut.

      Now this is definitely a meal replacement. Here is the list of ingredients along with instructions. There is one ingredient that I do not see in this recipe. It is our Protein Powder. You will have to find out how to add it. It seems like a good source of protein already. The protein powder, could maybe, be skipped on this shake.

      serves 2, eight ounce shakes



      1. Combine all ingredients except for stevia in a blender and blend until well combined.
      2. Taste and add stevia if desired.
      3. Top with a slice of kiwi and unsweetened coconut flake.

      Recipe:  Courtesy of:

      Thank You so Much For Visiting my Lens.

      I do hope you Enjoyed and Learned something new from it.

      Out of All of the Shake Recipes, which one sounds the most delicious and worth trying to you?

      Do You Have Any Shake Recipes to Share? - Any Other Ideas? Anything Not Mentioned?

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        • XpectMore profile image

          XpectMore 2 years ago

          @Loretta L: Thank you so much for visiting my lens.

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          XpectMore 2 years ago

          @NibsyNell: Let me know if you like it. Thank you for visiting my lens.

        • XpectMore profile image

          XpectMore 2 years ago

          @shana273: I am so glad that you enjoyed my lens and the recipes. Let me know if you try any of these recipes and if you like them.

        • shana273 profile image

          shana273 4 years ago

          I love homemade milkshakes and smoothies. I definitely want to try some of these recipes. This lens has made me hungry!

        • NibsyNell profile image

          NibsyNell 4 years ago

          The peaches and cream one sounds lovely. :) I'll have to try that one sometime.

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          scheino lm 4 years ago

          Nope none here but you have a lot above! Keep healthy!

        • tokfakirmiskin profile image

          tokfakirmiskin 4 years ago

          looks so yummy! great lens

        • Vikk Simmons profile image

          'Vikk Simmons 4 years ago from Houston

          No recipes but you've shared quite a few that sound delicious.

        • Loretta L profile image

          Loretta Livingstone 4 years ago from Chilterns, UK.

          These look so tasty and delicious, not to mention being healthy. A fab lens. You've left my mouth watering.

        • XpectMore profile image

          XpectMore 4 years ago

          @Elsie Hagley: Thank you so much for your comment. I am glad you enjoyed my lens even if you are not a juicer or a shaker.

        • Elsie Hagley profile image

          Elsie Hagley 4 years ago from New Zealand

          You have gone to a lot of trouble to present a wonderful page about" How to liven up a meal and protein shakes," I am not a juicer person, but with the selection you have here, there's sure to be one I would enjoy. Thanks, looking forward to your next one.

        • Sharon Weaver profile image

          Sharon Weaver 4 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

          I am a big juicer and will try some of your recipes. Thanks.