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How To Make Japanese Shabu Shabu (Chinese Hotpot)

Updated on May 4, 2015

Shabu Shabu Great Dish To Share With Friends

I love Shabu Shabu, a Japanese dish that is cooked and eaten at the table. It's a healthy one-pot dish that involves cooking thin pieces of meat and/or vegetables in broth and dipping them in a variety of tasty sauces. When cooked at the table, it's a very sociable experience.

This lens will show you how to make Shabu Shabu at home to enjoy with your family and friends. It's an easy and entertaining way to share a meal.

If you don't want to prepare this at home, Check with your local Japanese or Chinese restaurants to see if they offer this option.

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Healthy and flavorful

no oil in your foods

Japanese Cook Book

Using healthy, easy-to-find ingredients such as "seafood, poultry, greens, roots, mushrooms, and noodles, these classic one-pot dishes require minimal fuss and preparation,"

Read Your Recipes On Your Kindle Fire

It’s popular with those who like to read books, magazines and newspapers but what about us cooks? A Kindle provides a great way to streamline the way you cook and use recipes.

You might want to use a stand with it while cooking.

The familiar swishing sound is where the dish gets its name. Shabu-shabu directly translates to "swish-swish".

Shabu Shabu Cooked At The Table

Shabu Shabu Cooked At The Table
Shabu Shabu Cooked At The Table

Shabu Shabu simply means Swish Swish - which is what you do when cooking this food.

What Is Shabu Shabu?

Wikipedia provides the following information about Shabu Shabu. "The dish is prepared by submerging a very thin slice of meat or a piece of vegetable in a pot of boiling water or dashi (broth) made with kombu (kelp) and swishing it back and forth several times. " Shabu Shabu simply means Swish Swish - which is what you do when cooking this food.

Cooked meat and vegetables are usually dipped in ponzu or "goma" (sesame seed) sauce before eating, and served with a bowl of steamed white rice. I have featured several special dishes on this pages that will add to the pleasure of the dipping sauce.

"Once the meat and vegetables have been eaten, leftover broth from the pot is customarily combined with the remaining rice, and the resulting soup is usually eaten last."

Food Prep For Shabu Shabu

shabu shabu
shabu shabu

"Those who love Japanese food know there is more to it than sukiyaki, tempura, and sushi." ~~Amazon

Have Your Tried Shabu Shabu?

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A One Pot Meal

Ming Tsai Cookbook

Learn to create Asian dshes with this wonderful Ming cookbook.

Simply Ming Makes Shabu Shabu

I am a big fan of Emmy Award-winning host Chef Ming Tsai of the SIMPLY MING TV cooking show and website. Ming creates recipes that highlight pantry items easily found in your local supermarket, garden or online.

" Whether you are trying to feed a hungry family, cooking after a long day of work, or entertaining friends, SIMPLY MING has recipes that make it a breeze to cook healthy, quick, and delicious meals with the clean-up ease of Ming's signature 'one pot' cooking system."

Cooking With Ming

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How to Make Shabu-Shabu Video - Japanese Beef Hot Pot

This video uses foods that you may not be familiar with and may not be able to find locally, but you will see how easy this dish is to make.

Another video by "cookingwithdog".

Click here for the Shabu Shabu Ingredients mentioned in the video.

Bid On Shabu Shabu Tools From eBay

You will enjoy the experience of Shabu Shabu with these special items.

How to Make Sukiyaki - Similar to Shabu Shabu

Another video from "cookingwithdog".

Click here for Sukiyaki Ingredients mentioned in this video.

Shabu-Shabu is a common dish that allows family and friends to cook, eat and spend time together

Ingredients I Like To Use In Shabu Shabu

The dish can be prepared by submerging pieces of thinly sliced meat, like beef, pork, fish, scallops, tofu, with fresh vegetables like cabbage, Japanese sweet corn, green onions, kelp, taro roots, carrots, mushrooms and noodles in a pot of savory broth.

Shabu Shabu

Shabu Shabu
Shabu Shabu

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Tools, gadgets and dishes to make your

Shabu Shabu more fun!

Dishes For Your Sauces

Using these special dishes for you sauces will make your meal more fun..

The Folk Art of Japanese Country Cooking: A Traditional Diet for Today's World
The Folk Art of Japanese Country Cooking: A Traditional Diet for Today's World

A few of the traditional dishes included in this book are a variety of miso-based soups, one-pot cooking (nabemono), and vegetable side dishes with sweet vinegar dressing (sunomono).


Order The Folk Art of Japanese Country Cooking - A Traditional Diet for Today's World

This book presents an intriguing mixture of Japanese country cooking, folk tradition, and the author's memories of growing up in Japan. It is a book to use and treasure for its traditional Japanese cooking methods. It covers cooking methods and techniques for chopping vegetables, making udon and soba noodles, making tofu and using various tofu products, and making rich soup stocks.

Favorite Japanese Dishes (Quick & Easy)
Favorite Japanese Dishes (Quick & Easy)

Here is a book which fully describes five typical Japanese dishes: "shabushabu", "sukiyaki", "tempura", "teppan yaki" and "teriyaki". It contains descriptions of ingredients and their preparation as well as instructions and 600 illustrations demonstrating a step-by-step process.


Shabu Shabu and Other Japanese Cooking

Favorite Japanese Dishes is designed to introduce simple ways to make some of the worlds most interesting and delicious Japanese cuisines.

With the description of ingredients, preparation and instructions and 600 illustrations, to support the step-by-step processes, you can say that this is the very book that embodies the motto "Quick & Easy."

Japanese Rice Bowls

These bowls can be used for rice or soup.

Chopstick Rests

Of course you will need these chopstick rests!

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    • chironseer profile image

      chironseer 4 years ago

      I find the far east very interesting, I'll try this one day.

    • patinkc profile image

      patinkc 5 years ago from Midwest

      @SteenBiilmann LM: Oh my!

    • SteenBiilmann LM profile image

      SteenBiilmann LM 5 years ago

      I loooove chinese hotpot - the most crazy things I ever ate from one was brain and toad. (Yep, really, and I have the pictures to prove it:-) ).