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How to make Rainbow Cupcakes

Updated on November 10, 2012

Taste the Rainbow

When I first saw these Rainbow Cupcakes I fell in love. Not only do I love Cupcakes, but I am a Big Fan of Rainbows too. Who would have thought some great planning and some Food Coloring could make such a Fun Treat. If you have never made Rainbow Cupcakes I am going to share with you how you can make some here. It is not as hard as it looks and the end result is Amazing and they will Brighten any Day !!

Photo Credit:

Rainbow Cupcake
Rainbow Cupcake

What you will Need to create your Rainbow Cupcakes

Supplies Needed:

~White Cake Mix

~2 Eggs

~1 Cup of Sour Cream

~1/2 Cup of Milk

~1/3 Cup of Vegetable Oil

~Wilton Food Coloring Gel in a Rainbow of Colors - 5-6 Colors (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple)

Mix up all your Ingredients (Cake Mix, Eggs, Sour Cream, Milk and Vegetable Oil) and Beat well.

Next you want to split your Cake Mix into separate Bowls depending on how many colors you will be using. Mix in one color to each of the bowl until you get your desired colors. Line your Cupcake Pan with Liners. Next you will layer each color one at a time into the Cupcake Liners. Start with Purple and layer up to Red. You can reverse the colors - swirl them in, but the layered way will give you what you see in the photo.

Bake as Directed ~ Let Cool ~ Frost and Decorate ~ Pour a Glass of Cold Milk ~ Eat

Cupcake in the photo used only 5 Colors (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue)

NOTE: Using the Wilton Food Coloring Gel works best for the Bright Colors. I made a Cake using regular Food Coloring and even though it was pretty the colors were not at all as vibrant as the Rainbow Cupcake you see Pictured by OurBestBites.

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Wilton Food Coloring Gel - Rainbow Colors

How to Make Rainbow Cupcakes! - Video Tutorial

Rainbow Cake
Rainbow Cake

My Rainbow Cake

See the Difference in Colors

The photo you see to your right is the inside of my Rainbow Cake. This cake was actually a Rabbit Cake my son and I made for Easter. It was a last minute thing we decided to do and I let him have reign on mixing up the colors, but we used regular Liquid Food Coloring to do it and you can see how it is not as brilliant as the Cupcakes above. We also prepared our Cake Mix according to the Box and not the way explained above. In addition to that it was made in a Egg Shaped Pan so it was much harder to layer.

We had fun making it and I think it was still fun, but my point is to show you the color difference using Liquid Food Coloring vs. The Wilton's Gel Food Coloring. OH and it was YUMMY too !!!

This is the inside of my Tie Dye Birthday Cake I made - Click on the Photo to see how I made it

Tie Dye Cake
Tie Dye Cake

Rainbow Sprinkles

Pre-Made Rainbow Cupcakes - A Great Gift Idea to Brighten Someones Day

Gourmet Kosher Rainbow Cupcakes
Gourmet Kosher Rainbow Cupcakes
* National Kosher Supervisors certified dairy * No artificial anything * Freshest all natural ingredients * Shipped fresh daily around the world * Great for birthday gifts, corporate gifts

My Favorite Baking Gadget Ever - A must have in the kitchen

Perfect Brownie Pan Set
Perfect Brownie Pan Set
* The non-stick way to bake, slice and serve your favorite treat! * It's not just for brownies...make fluffly cakes, awesome bar cookies or Grandma's apple pie squares and so much more! * Bonus- Recipe guide * Bonus- 10 x Decorative stencils * Measurements - 12" x 8"
Perfect Brownie Pan Review
Perfect Brownie Pan Review

Does the Perfect Brownie Pan Really Work?

I Have one a wrote a Review

Have you ever wondered if The Perfect Brownie Pan really works? Well I received one as a Gift and I just so happened to share my review and Photos of me using it for the very first time.

Are you Curious? Is it worth the Hype? Should you have one in your Kitchen?

You will just have to come and see for yourself Here:

Does the Perfect Brownie Pan Really Work?

If you like that, you might also like ... - All this fun cupcake stuff

The Cupcake Club on Squidoo is an ever-growing collection of the best cupcake recipes ever. It's also home for cute and unique decorating ideas, debates about chocolate vs. vanilla frosting, recommendations for the best kitchen gadgets, cupcake sightings at hot bakeries around town, colorful cupcake photography... If you've got a sweet tooth for cupcakes, you're in the right place. You can make pages for your favorite cupcakes (and even earn money from them).

Click the big cupcake you see at the right to learn more and get started.

thanks! :)


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