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How to Make Speghetti

Updated on February 11, 2015


I love spaghetti. This recipe is a little different from what I am us to but it tastes good.

What you need:


large spoon to stir



rosemary mixed with other spices


parmesan cheese

grounded hamburger

thin noodles

All of the photos are from DChance.

My photo
My photo

Step One

Pictures of the main spices.

This will show you what everything that you need to make the speghetti. Also, add the parmesan cheese for at the end. The parmesan is not shown.


I love to use them. There are so many recipes that call for many different spices.

When you run low on spice just refill the small bottle given to you on your spice rack at the store.

When you have more spices ... you can start doing tougher recipes.

Kamenstein 16-Jar Beechwood Revolving Spice Rack
Kamenstein 16-Jar Beechwood Revolving Spice Rack

Easy to use. Every spice is labeled.

water and salt: my photo
water and salt: my photo

Step Two




This is the second pan that will be used. I use this pan to put on the back burner. It is on the back burner because this one will be on for longer then the front one.

I like to do both of my pans on low.

I would shake about 4 to 6 shakes of salt into the pan.

Why use salt? This makes the noodles slowly cook. Italians might put more salt into the water for even slower cooking. This takes practice so ... no more then 6 shakes for a novice.

snap noodles in half: my photo
snap noodles in half: my photo

Step Three

As you can see ... the noodles are in the pan.

I snap them in half. Then, I put them in the pan.

You be doing this for 20 minutes. I will have more pictures up.

This is not easy to do. I have been making this sort of recipe for years.

spices and ground hamburger: my photo
spices and ground hamburger: my photo

Step Four

Shown are three balls of hamburger ... I made with one hand.

The spices are already in the skillet. I put in 4 shakes of each spice.

mixed hamburger added spice
mixed hamburger added spice

Step Five

Now, mesh up the hamburger.

Add some more shakes of spice. 4 more shakes after you mix the other spices in to the hamburger.

sauce added to hamberger
sauce added to hamberger

Step Six

If your skillet is not already on low ... put it on low.

Your hamburger will cook.

Only when your hamburger is not pink put on the Prego sauce or whatever sauce you have chosen.

Mix the sauce in. Then, even the sauce out with the back of the spoon.

It will soon start to boil.

When the sauce starts to pop in the middle you mix it. If it continues to pop near the middle .. it is done.

noodles starting to boil
noodles starting to boil

Step Seven

Back with the other pain. The water has started to boil.

This does not mean it is done. As you can see ... the noodles are still straight.

not quite done
not quite done

Step Eight

Not done. I told you they where straight looking. This is about two minutes, later.

As you can see the noodles do not touch.

If you ate them like this they would be crunchy.

Still, not done!
Still, not done!

Step Eight

About five minutes, later.

Still, not done.

There is a glare to this photo but the noodles do touch. This is a good sign.

If you ate the noodles now ... they would be chewy.

plated speghetti
plated speghetti

Step Nine

10 minutes, later.

Your noodles should be done. If you are worried that they are not done wait another 4 minutes.

Shut off the pan.

Stick the fork into the noodles. Twill your fork. If the noodles twirl the spaghetti is done.

Get a plate. With the other hand, use a fork to serve. I stick the fork into the noodles. I twill them as I pull them up out of the water at a slant. Don't burn yourself.

Let the water drip into the pan before you plate it. I plate about three fork-fulls of noodles into my plate. This should be enough for one person. Most of the time I put in two fork-fulls of noodles.

You can lay on stripes of sauce with your spoon onto your noodles. I put about three onto the noodles.

Add... parmesan cheese on top.

cut up speghetti
cut up speghetti

Kid's Speghetti

Put 2 fork fulls of spaghetti onto a plate.

Cut the spaghetti with your fork into smaller pieces.


Adding Sauce

I added one scope of sauce to the noodles.


My little boy loves this recipe.

What to read after dinner!

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is a classic story. It even spawned a movie.

If you like the first movie try the other books. This will help you test out the other books without paying too much.

The Complete Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs; Pickles to Pittsburgh
The Complete Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs; Pickles to Pittsburgh

This is great deal.

Imagine being a kid.

Everything you make does not appear to be a good idea. Now, imagine that you are growing up. Your father wants you to take over the family business. He also, wants you to quite having ideas that don't work. The struggle between being a child and becoming an adult all there.

In this adventure, the main charecter's veiw of his own creativity changes as he becomes more of a man then a child obsessed with his toys.


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