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Buy Joseph Joseph Index Chopping Boards

Updated on April 25, 2012

Preventing Food Poisoning

When you buy a Joseph Joseph index chopping board you know that you are getting innovative design, contemporary style and most importantly, a way to prevent cross-contamination of different foods. 

Cross-contamination can easily occur when handling raw meats, poultry and seafood. If this happens, harmful bacteria is spread and can result in food poisoning. That's why using Joseph Joseph index chopping boards is so helpful in preventing this from happening. By using a separate chopping board for raw meat, seafood, vegetables and cooked foods, you are eliminating the risk of harmful bacteria being transferred via the same board. This is something that every person who prepares food should be very aware of.

Choosing A Joseph Joseph Index Board

Why choose a Joseph Joseph chopping board set rather than buying four seperate chopping boards? The answer to that is simple:

  1. These Joseph Joseph index chopping boards are just that, they are indexed for easy to find corresponding boards. The green board is for vegetables, the red one meats, the blue one for seafood and the white one for cooked foods. You don't even need to remember the colors, as each board has a tab with an illustration of the related food on it. There's little chance of mixing the boards up and cross-contaminating foods.
  2. You don't have to worry about storing the boards. The boards are stored staggered for easy access in a contemporary silver case.
  3. The design is sleek, stylish and sexy. You can't make that statement about chopping boards very often!

Joseph Joseph Index Chopping Boards Tab Illustrations
Joseph Joseph Index Chopping Boards Tab Illustrations

Joseph Joseph Index Chopping Boards Features

The difference between the original index chopping boards and the index plus is that the index plus comes with four color coded knives to match the boards. Cross contamination can occur via utensils too, so this system is an even more secure way of prevention.

In each set you get four chopping boards and storage case with non slip rubber base. The chopping boards measure 33cm x 24cm x 8cm. Dishwasher safe.

Everyone should be conscious of the risks of food cross-contamination and here's a great product that can help to prevent it. Whilst being aware and using the correct kitchen equipment, you also want a product that looks good in your kitchen and you can't beat Joseph and Joseph for their innovative chopping boards design.

These are great products that not only provide food safety, but they add a designer touch to any kitchen.


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