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lazy man's sushi

Updated on January 19, 2011

I call this the lazy man's sushi because these take little effort and skill. Most people are familiar with one type of sushi style and shape. It is rice, a kind of raw fish and a vegetable, sometimes seaweed included. Then its put together, rolled up and cut into bite size pieces, end of story. But most non-Japanese don't know there are different methods and looks, even with the same rolled up form of sushi. Most also believe that sushi are various seafoods and raw fish but this is wrong, its referring to the rice. What most people are thinking of is called sashimi, the fish and or seafood without the rice. A certain type of rice can only be use for sushi and that is a rice that is short and starchy so it can bind together, Japanese sushi rice is the only real rice which they don't export so you will be using short rices that are related or imitate. As known, people may put extra sauce or seasonings on their food such as salt, pepper, mayo or mustard. But for basic sushi there is only two, one mint green and other pinkish in color, wasabi (mint green) and thin sliced pickled horseradish (pink). Some other styles of sushi are: Nigiri, Gunkan Nigiri, Temaki and Futomaki. The easiest form to make sushi which I will describe is Nigiri. Its rice on the bottom and fish on top, with fillers in between or sometimes roped by roasted seaweed (Nori).

The most important part you will need is the rice. find either a starchy short grain rice or the preferred sushi rice brand. When cooking the sushi rice its best to use near equal rice to water with slightly more water about 1/8 cup more per cup of rice, cook until starchy. That's the simple method for starters but more advanced methods requires vinegar, sugar and salt with draining. Put rice in bowl to cool. When rice is cool or room temperature then you can either use hands or spoon to shape the Nigiri of one's desired size. Have smoke salmon since its already sliced and avocado (slice them or use organic guacamole). Put some avocado on top of the rice then followed by a slice of smoked salmon. Press down to bind and make as many as you can. Then you're ready to eat.


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