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Lifting that Heavy Roast Turkey

Updated on September 11, 2014

When my children were little we always went to my husbands parents for Thanksgiving where we had turkey and all the trimmings. I remember my husband helping his mother get that big turkey out of the pan, it was always a major production. Now my children have children of their own and I am the provider of the family Thanksgiving dinner. This includes the youngest at age six and my 96 year old mother-in-law. There are 18 of us now!

I love doing the preparation and I have plenty of help but it was always the trial of getting that BIG bird out of the pan and onto the platter. I tried tying with string, using the crazy string that comes with the turkey, two huge fork-like gadgets among other things and nothing worked easily.

I finally found something that works every time, this Nifty Home Products Non-Stick Gourmet Turkey Lifter works like a dream. It lifts even the largest turkey with ease right onto my extra large platter. This product will actually lift a turkey or roast up to 30 pounds and since I always buy the largest turkey I can find I needed this much strength in a product. When I am done using my turkey lifter, it folds flat to store until the next large turkey needs lifting. It is also easy to clean and can go right into my dishwasher which is something my dishwashing daughters love.

I recommend this product so much that I have actually ordered three to give as gifts to some of the holidays cooks on my list, it makes a great and different gift.

Turkey on Lift-Ready to Roast


The Right Roasting Pan is Essential

A large pan to roast that turkey is a must and works quite well with the Nifty Home Products Non-Stick Gourmet Turkey Lifter. The pan should have high enough sides to contain the juices which you will use in making the gravy.


Easily Lifted from the Roasting Pan


It doesn't get any easier.

Here is your turkey, easily lifted from the roasting pan and can be placed on the carving board or platter by lifting with the handles and tilting toward the surface.

Turkey Day for a Large Family
Turkey Day for a Large Family

What is Your Turkey Size-Large-Medium-Small-None?

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