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Mango Bread Recipes Hawaiian Style

Updated on January 6, 2015
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June is from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, but is currently residing in N.Y. She loves to cook and heal naturally with the plants from her garden.

Mangos, Mangos Everywhere

Mango Bread is one of my favorite things to make when it's mango season in Hawaii. When the mangoes come into season, which they do twice a year, they are so plentiful that you are making as many things out of the mangos as you possibly can.

When you have a 30 foot tree in the back yard, it will produce a ton of mangoes. I would give away mangos to friends who don't have trees, until they wouldn't take any more; then I'd leave them in buckets out on the road with signs that say "Free Mangos".

I'd make mango smoothies every morning for breakfast; fresh mango fruit salads and fresh mango salsas. I'd make chutneys, sauces, deserts and breads and anything that could be canned or frozen for another day.

I pickled the ripe ones and pickle the green ones too. We ate green mangoes (a local favorite), soaked in vinegar and shoyu (soy sauce) as a midday snack; and vanilla ice cream topped with ripe sliced mangoes and drizzled with honey for an evening dessert. Even with all of that, there are still rotten mangoes going into the compost pile.

Haden Mangoes Are My Favorite

Big Island of Hawaii Mango Varieties
Big Island of Hawaii Mango Varieties

Most people don't realize the large variety of mangoes that are growing on the Big Island of Hawaii, but Haden mangoes are my favorite. They have a wonderful sweet flavor, with a consistent stringless flesh, and are always packed with juice. They keep well and the seeds are smaller than other varieties with means more fruit.

How to Cut a Mango

You have to know how to cut a mango properly to get the most of the flesh off of the large seed and skin.

Mango Wood Vase - Cataclysm

Mango wood is a gorgeous hard wood that is being turned into stunning pieces of art and serving bowls. I love the colors and natural designs hidden in the wood that these talented artisans are able to release to please the eye.

NOVICA is associated with National Geographic, and offers thousands of limited edition and one-of-a-kind gifts, jewelry, and home decor treasures handmade by master artists and artisans throughout the world.

NOVICA "Cataclysm" Mango Wood Vase
NOVICA "Cataclysm" Mango Wood Vase

NOVICA is associated with National Geographic, and offers thousands of limited edition and one-of-a-kind gifts, jewelry, and home decor treasures handmade by master artists and artisans throughout the world.

Click here to see this beautiful Mango wood vase, Cataclysm handcrafted by artist Saifon Lertromyanant.


Mango Nut Bread Recipe

I use macadamia nuts in this recipe, but since mac nuts are expensive in the mainland US, you can substitute the nuts of your choice.

A friend of mine from Afghanistan used pistachio nuts in this recipe, and surprisingly, it turned out quite good.

So I am convinced you can feel free to use the nuts you like the best such as walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts; whatever your heart's desire.


  • 3 -1/2 c. flour
  • 4 t. baking powder
  • 1/2 t. baking soda
  • 1/2 t. salt
  • 1 -1/2 c. sugar
  • 1 -1/4 sticks butter
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 T. lemon
  • 1 T. vanilla
  • 1 c. roughly chopped macadamia nuts
  • 3 c. mashed fresh mango
  • A few gratings of fresh nutmeg


  1. Preheat oven to 350 F.
  2. Butter 2 loaf pans.
  3. Sift together first 4 ingredients.
  4. Cream butter and sugar until fluffy. Add vanilla and lemon juice. Add eggs, one at a time; mixing in.
  5. Add sifted dry ingredients and mix until just combined.
  6. Remove bowl from mixer. Add macadamia nuts, mango and nutmeg; fold in by hand.
  7. Pour batter evenly between the 2 buttered loaf pans. Shake pans a little to help remove air bubbles.
  8. Bake for 55 min. to 1 hour. Check bread by sticking a toothpick in center of bread. If it comes out clean, the bread is done.
  9. Set hot pans on a wire rack to cool for 10 minutes before removing bread from pans to wire racks to cool.
  10. Serve with butter and honey while still warm.
  11. Variations:
  12. Add 1/2 t. ground ginger
  13. Add 1 t. ground cinnamon
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Mango Cook Books

Little Hawaiian Mango & Papaya Cookbook
Little Hawaiian Mango & Papaya Cookbook

Mangoes and papayas are at the top of the list of favorite Island fruits, and it’s no wonder – sweet and nutritious, they are the quintessential tropical ambrosia and can be enjoyed plain or in a variety of recipes.


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    • orange3 lm profile image

      orange3 lm 5 years ago

      I love mangoes but have never had mango bread. It looks delicious. Thanks for the recipes.

    • mrsclaus411 profile image

      mrsclaus411 5 years ago

      I like mangoes. I'll try this recipe soon.

    • iijuan12 profile image

      iijuan12 5 years ago from Florida

      Looks delicious! Mango breads are delicious. Unfortunately we no longer have mango trees, so we have to actually buy them. :(

    • profile image

      FashionMommy 5 years ago

      I mostly make banana bread. I'll try making this one too. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

    • profile image

      AnimalHouse 5 years ago

      I would love to try this recipe.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I thought mangoes grew only in India and its neighbouring countries. I love mangoes and it is the king of fruits.

    • NorDac LM profile image

      NorDac LM 5 years ago

      I live in the Dominican Republic now, I'm going to have to try your mango bread recipe the next time they are in season. Squid Angel blessed