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Its Mangolicious!!

Updated on July 9, 2011

I was pretty much bored to see the same apples, oranges, strawberries and peaches everytime during shopping. Now, happy to see yummy-looking half-ripened mangoes in most of the stores. Many of us try to avoid too much of mango as it heats up our body. But the taste of the mango is so delicious that we just can’t stop with one. Mango is called the king of fruits not because of its taste alone, it also has many nutritional values.

  • If you are trying to gain weight, then eat mangoes. Mangoes are high in calories and carbohydrates.
  • Mangoes have powerful antioxidant and anticancer properties.
  • Mangoes are said to be good for pregnant women and also for people suffering from anemia as it is a rich source of iron.
  • Mangoes are also helpful in treating acidity and indigestion.

It is true that too much of mangoes will cause some ill-effects, but we can transform these mangoes into even tastier desserts. Here are some of my mango dessert recipes. Try it out, its really mangolicious!!!

Mango mousse


2 ripe mangoes made into puree or ½ tin of Alphonso mango pulp

2 tbspn of unflavored Gelatin

Little sugar for taste (Mango already has lot of sugar, so add according to your taste)

1 small pack of heavy whipping cream

Strawberries or blackberries for decorating


Take two ripe mangoes and make it into puree. You can also use mango pup readily available in stores to make the task easier. Now dissolve the gelatin in warm water. Heat the mango pup in low flame. After few minutes add the gelatin mixture and keep stirring for few minutes. Now turn off the flame and allow the mixture for cooling. Beat the heavy whipping cream until it peaks. Mix the cream with mango mixture and blend it evenly. Pour the mixture in the serving cups and keep it in the freezer for 1 or 2 hours. It should not be too cold. Decorate it with strawberries or blackberries. It tastes good with strawberries.

Mango Kulfi


2 ripe mangoes made into puree or ½ tin of mango pulp

½ tin of evaporated milk

¼ tin of sweetened condensed milk

1 small pack of heavy whipping cream

Pistachio or Saffron


Beat the heavy whipping cream until it peaks. Mix all the ingredients in a big bowl. Blend it into a nice mixture. Pour the mixture into the kulfi maker cups or any other serving cup. Saffron on top of the kulfi makes it look rich. If you don’t have saffron, you can also use finely chopped pistachios. Keep the kulfi in the freezer for 3 or 4 hours.

Mango Lassi


¼ tin of Mango pulp (Mango pulp is better than the mango)

½ glass of plain yoghurt

½ glass of milk

2 tbspn of sugar (varies according to taste)


Add all the ingredients in a blender and blend it till is foamy. Pour it into glasses and serve. You can refrigerate and serve or either add ice cubes. Some like ice cubes to be added on top of lassi and some like to be blended with the mixture itself. You can serve it accordingly. A small glass of lassi after a sumptuous south-indian meal is a real treat. In America, most of the Indian restaurants serve mango lassi after meals. Give it a try. It’s a real treat!!


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    • sankari.nayagam profile image

      sankari.nayagam 6 years ago

      Thanks Jayshree! try it, you will love it!

    • jayshreerajakumar profile image

      jayshreerajakumar 6 years ago

      Seems Yummy ! I better try all these recipes .

    • sankari.nayagam profile image

      sankari.nayagam 6 years ago

      Sounds interesting David! Will try it as well! Thanks David for stopping by my hub!

    • David Rooke profile image

      David Rooke 6 years ago from Villasis, Pangasinan

      you should try dusting the mango with fresh coconut scrapings or dipping in fresh coconut juice.