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Tassimo Discs Storage

Updated on September 16, 2014
From Amazon
From Amazon | Source

Tassimo Discs Storage: Get Organized With A Nifty Tassimo Coffee T-Disc Carousel

Why, you ask, do I need a Tassimo Discs Storage thingy?

One of the reasons you got your Tassimo Coffeemaker was so you could enjoy a single cup of coffee, in a variety of flavors, whenever you wanted.

You're no longer limited to one single blend like you were when you were buying those big one-pound cans of no-name coffee.

So you get all excited and buy French Vanilla and Morning Blend, and you try a Latte or an Espresso blend. Then there's the hot chocolate and tea and the Almond Mocha, too.

Before you know it your cupboards are filled with packages of all of these little Tassimo T-Discs and you just settle for the first one you can lay your hands on.

There goes your variety.... Down. The. Drain.

Get organized with a great Tassimo Discs Storage product: the Nifty Tassimo Coffee T-Disc Carousel. Enjoy a fresh brewed cup of whatever you're in the mood for, whenever you're in the mood!

Benefits Of A Tassimo Discs Storage

Top 6 Reasons People Love Their T-Discs Carousel

Tired of digging through boxes and bags, trying to find the flavor you're looking for? It's especially annoying first thing in the morning!

And if you looked around at your local department stores you've seen that none of those other carousels will work with the Tassimo T-Cups.

Again, Tassimo has answered your prayers!

Free up cupboard space and only takes up 6 inches of counter space.

Easy access to all your favorite blends and flavors.

Impress your brunch guests by letting them choose their own coffee flavor.

No more shuffling through drawers and cupboards.

You can easily see when you're getting low on one of your favorites.

No assembly required. Compliments any decor.

Tassimo Discs Storage

Nifty Coffee T Disc Carousel, Black
Nifty Coffee T Disc Carousel, Black
Holds up to 40 Tassimo T-Discs Gravity fed dispenser fits both the large and small T-Discs Elegant chrome or black finish Lazy susan base rotates 360 degrees Dimensions - 9.5" height x 6" diamater

Save Money With A Tassimo Discs Storage

Be it a Tassimo discs storage carousel or organizer

The biggest reason you need a Tassimo Discs Storage is because it will save you money.

If you're the type of person who has to have a cup of Morning Blend when you first roll out of bed and absolutely nothing else will do, then you need a carousel to organize your coffees.

Nobody wants to stumble into the kitchen first thing in the morning and have to hunt through drawers and cupboards for that one little T-Disc of Morning Blend coffee. Instead, you'll just take whatever you can find. And that might be something like tea or hot chocolate or a latte but you know it's not going to be Morning Blend because that would just make life too perfect.

And what happens when you settle for tea or latte or hot chocolate?

You drink half of it, pour the rest down the drain, and stop at the convenience store on your way to work to get a cup of Morning Blend coffee! You've not only wasted your Tassimo tea or latte, you've also spent additional money for coffee that you could have made at home - if you could only find the T-Discs!

More Tassimo Discs Storage Products - Organize Your T-Discs

Nifty Single Serve Coffee Baskets
Nifty Single Serve Coffee Baskets
2 stackable wire baskets. Elegant modern design. Will hold about 30 t-discs
Nifty T-Disc Drawers
Nifty T-Disc Drawers
Clean designs, space saver rectangular shape. Will fit in a cupboard as well. this Tassimo discs storage unit holds 64 t-discs

More Great Information on Tassimo T-Discs

Where To Buy Tassimo T Discs
If you just opened the box on your new Tassimo single serve coffeemaker then you're probably wondering where to buy those little Tassimo T-Discs so you can e...

© 2012 Nathalie Roy

What's Your Favorite Morning Pick-Me-Up? - And do you have a tassimo discs storage unit or do you prefer the luck of the draw?

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    • Brandi Bush profile image


      8 years ago from Maryland

      I'd love to have one of these! :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Love this!


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