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Odwalla: Read Before Your Next Shopping Trip

Updated on May 22, 2014

Fast Food vs Odwalla: My Two Favorite Odwalla Protein Bar Flavors

One of the first things that caught my eye when I was looking at Odwalla bars is they have No GMO ingredients. They are all natural. I also loved hearing about their interest in the planet, life, and good food. I am impressed! Not only are they environmentally responsible, in the process from farm to market, they are smart too! They are giving us a healthy vegetarian alternative to today fast foods and empty calorie foods.

Since I am gluten free now and making every bite count to maintain a good ratio of natural carbs and proteins, I love the variety of the Odwalla bars. They are delicious! If you haven tried protein bars in a while because they were lacking flavor or amazing textures then you are in for a pleasant surprise.

I have two protein bars on this page. My favorite two of all the flavors I have tried. They are all good so it was hard to choose only two. But I have a few reasons for choosing these two particular flavors for my page... more later. Read on below.

On this page you will find how to buy direct online (right from this page). You will learn how to read produce labels at the grocery store to avoid genetically modified produce. And you will learn how the health and pocketbook incentives of eating a healthy snack versus a junk food snack will have you stopping everything and changing your shopping list before the next trip out.

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Why I Love Odwalla And You Will Too

These are a few of the amazing facts about Odwalla Products!

About Odwalla -- Things I Love To Learn About Business

And... they love fresh delicious ingredients!

Which features are the most important to you?

The main reason I love Owalla in the first place is the company is passionate about protecting the environment, processing the healthiest way, and wanting customers to be healthy.

These are some of highlights about this company:

Whole Healthy Produce Ingredients

30 Years Experience and Dedication To People and Planet

Non-GMO Ingredients

Vegetarian and Vegan Varieties

Natural Nectar Sweetening

Good balance of protein per calories

Wheat Free Gluten Free Varieties



Great Environmental Responsibility

Community Initiatives

Large Variety of Bars, Juices, and Smoothies

We Wanted Fast Foods

Junk Food vs Healthy Food Showdown

We wanted and needed FAST FOOD

One of the main reasons to consider using a super whole food as an alternative to fast snack junk foods is this... you wanted convenience and traded health for it.

This way you get both health and fast eat-out-of-the-package food.

If we traded one bag of potato chips and one bottle of soda a week for a protein bar and a whole fruit or vegetable smoothie we will reduce our calories and gradually shift into a healthier choice in snack foods.

One you try this once a week you are going to want to do this two times a week, then three...

How many sodas do you drink in a week?

How many candy bars, potato chips, or other snacks with a lot of calories and little nutritional value do you eat in a month?

How often do you drive through a fast food establishment and order super size or a couple of extra things you would have rather skipped because you feel tired, heavy, and even sick now and then after eating that way?

If you are eating healthy already AWESOME FOR YOU! You might already know about Odwalla and didn't know they can be shipped right to your door for often less than you find them in the grocery store.

My grocery store sells them for .78 cents each. On line I can buy them for about a dime each less. I have seen them as high as $1.30 each in grocery stores.

Compare prices Here! Odwalla Super Protein 2-Ounce Bar 15 Count Boxes

My Two Favorite Odwalla Bars of All Time - It was hard to choose only two...

I remember a time when we didn't ask about substitute sugars, gluten free processing, non-GMO ingredients, or any of the other multitude of health concerns which are dripping into our food supply. It is a shame but, we do need to be educated and make healthy choices.

I am not going to kid you, I couldn't choose without a lot of hard thinking on it, and research! Which means I had a lot more to share with you about why I love them so much.

The top two are below. And the reason I picked them above the rest is partly explained below as well.

Odwalla Super Protein 2-Ounce Bar, 15 Count Boxes
Odwalla Super Protein 2-Ounce Bar, 15 Count Boxes

This is my favorite for protein bars. There are 14 grams of protein and it is only 210 calories for the whole bar. What I will often do is have half of a bar (7 grams protein and 105 calories) then I can have another 100-200 calories with it. Which I often will have fresh fruit, a vegetable smoothie, or something like that.

Chewy Nut Bar Chocolate Almond Coconut 15 bars
Chewy Nut Bar Chocolate Almond Coconut 15 bars

This is my favorite for the taste and texture. I save this for when I want something chocolate. This has chocolate, almond, and coconut and it is chewy. The whole bar is 200 calories. I couldn't save half of this one if I tied my hands behind my back. <3 They are better than candy and quilt free!


Local Farmer's Markets and Grocery Stores - Great Tips For Buying Whole Foods

Another great thing I learned about Odwalla is they love local farmers. They will engage with the local farmers and buy fresh produce from them. We can do the same thing in most of our neighborhoods as more and more local farmers are joining cooperatives, farmer's markets, and even selling to the local grocery stores.

When you must visit the grocery store instead of a farmer's cooperative, you can actually check out a little known pattern that will help you to identify the produce you want from the produce you would like to avoid there.

The following video will explain more about that.

This is a fabulous video about how to find organic and non-GMO fruits and vegetables when you are at your grocery store.

Oh My... How would we ever choose? - I believe there are at least 50 products in the Odwalla line of amazing healthy foods!

This is my guestbook and a place for you to let me know what your favorite flavor of Odwalla snacks, juice, or other products you love the most.

Say Hello while you are here!

This section is for questions, comments, and is also my guestbook so please say hello while you are here.

I would love to hear what is your favorite Odwalla flavor and what is the best thing about this snack alternative?

What is Your Favorite Odwalla Flavor? - What is the most important thing you are looking for in nutritional health bars?

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