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Pepper Grinders / Pepper Mills

Updated on September 12, 2014

Pepper Grinders / Pepper Mills

Pepper grinders, also known as pepper mills, are an essential gadget item in any kitchen. A pepper grinder allows you to grind a variety of peppercorns just when they are used, such as right over your salad or cooking pot.

To your pepper grinder, you can add various types of peppercorns and grind them fresh for seasoning delight and luscious aroma. Just experiment with various types of peppercorns (also for sale below). And a pretty pepper grinder makes a great gift too!

At home I have this nice wooden Peugeot pepper grinder (see photo at the left) that we purchased years ago in France, however this brand is available in fine gourmet shops throughout the world or via the internet such as from this hub.

Classic Wood Pepper Grinders and Wood Pepper Mills

A Wood grinder for peppercorns is the most classic type found in restaurants.

Peugeot Classic Wooden Pepper Mill

This traditionally styled Peugeot pepper mill is available in a variety of sizes with a matching salt mill also available.

* Smoothly turned hardwood in natural finish

* 2-stage groove system cracks peppercorns before grinding for ultimate flavor

* Brass nut unscrews top for refilling; tightness determines coarseness of grind

* Made in France; 2-year warranty; lifetime warranty on grinding mechanism

Paris Classic 9 Inch Wood Pepper Mill in Natural by Peugeot

Gorgeous Vintage Styled Metal Pepper Grinders

The copper pepper grinder below is just stunning

Other Types of Pepper Grinders and Pepper Mills

Chef Olivier Roellinger Pepper Mill is a square box like a vintage coffee bean grinder

Chef Olivier Roellinger Pepper Mill

This pepper mill has an easy-access reservoir lets you grind a full hopper of peppercorns, or directly into a bowl or on your food. It is named for Chef Olivier Roellinger who was awarded 3 Michelin Stars and renowned for his expertise in spices and seasoning.

* in Chocolate color

* mill is 5-1/4-inches tall

* adjustable grind from finer grinds to coarser grinds

* Made in France

The Olivier Roellinger 5.25 Inch Pepper Mill by Peugeot

Antique Pepper Mills on eBay

Here is an antique or vintage pepper mill available on eBay today. you just never know what will be there for direct purchase or auction bid so return often until you see what you want.

Cool See-Through Pepper Mills

Electric Pepper Grinders by Peugeot

Both of the electric pepper grinders below are made in France by the renowned company Peugeot.

The first exemplifies the patented u'Select system which allows 6 pre-set levels of grind, lights up when activated and includes mill tray, batteries, & supply of peppercorns;

The second mill is 5-1/2-inches tall with a brushed nickel plate finish; This grinder includes peppercorns, six batteries, and spare light bulb. Its 2 stage grinding mechanism is made of specially treated steel to keep the teeth razor sharp and protect from corrosion. There is a classic grind adjustment for a finer grind or a coarser grind.

Pepper and Salt Grinder Sets

These sets have a salt grinder for grinding salt crystals as well as a pepper grinder for pepper corns. You may be surprised that both salt crystals and peppercorns come in many varieties

Sets with a Pepper Grinder AND a Salt Grinder

These great salt & pepper grinder sets don't just have a salt shaker. They actually have a salt grinder for grinding salt crystals! One set has a more modern styling while the other set has more classic lines.

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You Must Have Peppercorns!

You will want peppercorns to grind as needed in your new pepper grinder or pepper mill. Here are just 2 of the options for peppercorns

You'll be Needing Gourmet Peppercorns for Your Pepper Grinder

Thanks for Looking at My Pepper Mills and Pepper Grinders

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    • WildFacesGallery profile image

      Mona 5 years ago from Iowa

      I love pepper but have yet to invest in a pepper mill. I understand it takes the flavor to a whole new dimension. You've created a great resource.

    • JohnTannahill profile image

      John Tannahill 5 years ago from Somewhere in England

      Nice collection of pepper grinders.