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Updated on December 1, 2009


I weigh 175 pounds...naked.

I don't want to carry anything! My clothing weighs too much. And then I have to carry around a wallet, a set of keys, loose change, jewelry, and the fillings in my teeth. Let’s not forget my laptop, my cell phone, and a planner for which I need a pen.

When I go to work, I need my helmet and mask - at least six pounds - gloves, and steel-toed boots containing tired feet that seem to be waging a losing battle with the gravity that holds them captive to the earth. My toolbox wouldn't weigh much if I didn't have to put so much stuff in it. I have nails for my hammer, screws for my screwdriver, nuts for my bolts, pliers and wrenches for both, bits for my drill, and my company ID that allows me onto the job site.

Of course I must keep up my strength if I'm going to carry all of this stuff around. Aside from carrying my breakfast around in my belly for half a day, I must carry a lunchbox stuffed with sandwiches, a 10 oz can of my favorite beverage, an apple, a banana, and a small portion of potato salad.

When the workday is over, I hang up my helmet and mask and take off the boots. My sneakers weigh nothing, and I feel as though gravity has released its grip on me. The lunch box is empty, although I am still carrying the sandwiches, the fruit, and the potato salad.

When I get home, I’m taking off all of my clothes. Then I'll be back to my normal weight...175 pounds.

Plus the potato salad.


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