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Life's Guilty Pleasures: Homemade Hot Chocolate

Updated on January 8, 2018
pstraubie48 profile image

Patricia is a mother, a grandmother, a sister, a daughter whose passion is to put into writing things she feels and experiences .


I don't really need a personal trainer or watch what I eat. I can't start the day without a hot chocolate or finish it without a few squares of dark chocolate. It's good for my mood.

— Blake Lively
5 stars from 2 ratings of Life's guilty pleasures: homemade hot chocolate

For All chocolate lovers

This is one of life's guilty pleasures for my family and me. It is hot chocolate at its best.

This is one of the most flavor-filled hot chocolate recipes I have ever tasted. It is not the healthiest but the clearly one of the tastiest. And, as for healthy or not, it is not a drink that we drink to excess anyway so the few cups we have throughout the winter are not a cause for worry. If we were drinking several cups a day every day all year long, then it would be a no-no. But since this is pretty much a seasonal treat, give it a try.

Give a little gift to those you love


A drink with memories

When it is hot chocolate season, at my house, rumblings about 'when are you making hot chocolate and pumpkin bread' begins.

For most of us, hot chocolate is like many foods and beverages our families enjoy. It will conjure up special memories of a loved one or a special occasion.

The same is true for me of this recipe. When I was a young mother, wife, and teacher, we lived on Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota.

Just before our Christmas vacation one year, a child gave me a gift made by his mother. It was a quart-size plastic baggie filled with hot chocolate mix. From the first cup, we were hooked.

This recipe has morphed some over the years. It is a wonderful recipe in that you can add and change elements of it and it is still divine.

You will love that about it. You can make it your own, adjust, change, add, subtract. You can hardly hurt it. It is very versatile.You can double, triple, quadruple as desired . This is truly a 'no fail recipe.'

That mug you see in the photo is filled to the brim and is right here beside me as I share with you!


  • 20 ounces instant powdered milk
  • 20 ounces Nesquik
  • 15 ounces plain or chocolate coffee creamer
  • 1/2 pound confectioner's sugar

When we don't have the words chocolate can speak volumes.

— ~~Joan Bauer

Hot Chocolate ---So Many Ways to Make It

There are so many ways to make it...find one that works for you--

Perhaps try---

dark chocolate, unsweetened chocolate discs blended with milk chocolate discs or semi sweet discs

powdered cocoa (unsweetened)

white chocolate discs

whole milk, skim milk, powdered milk

Cook it or make an instant mix like the one I shared.

Let your imagination be your guide.

This is a Recipe You May Wish to Try~~It Looks SOOO Good


  1. Place all ingredients in a large container and mix well.
  2. Store in a tightly sealed container.You can store in the freezer to maintain freshness.

The 12-step chocolate program: NEVER BE MORE THAN 12 STEPS AWAY FROM CHOCOLATE!

— ~~Terry Moore

A wonderful treat

Light your fireplace, curl up with a good book, a soft, snugly blanket, and enjoy.

  • As a gift, you can fill jars with this divine hot chocolate mix, cut out fabric or fancy paper, tie and tie a festive ribbon around all. Attach a copy of the recipe and you have a wonderful gift.
  • You can also give the hot chocolate mix to someone in a large mug. cover with saran wrap, then fabric, and place ribbon and the recipe on the cup.
  • If you are giving to a large family a quart jar or larger is great.
  • This particular one is for a neighbor who lives alone and asked for a taste as she does not really have this on her restricted diet.
  • You can adjust this recipe to a less sweet version by using half and half sugar blends or by using artificial sweeteners (as mentioned above). It does affect the taste and it is still tasty.

© 2011 Patricia Scott


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    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 2 years ago from sunny Florida

      Thanks for stopping by....I am actually in the process of revising this recipe...I adore it..but have taken a healthier turn to food and beverage consumption so am hoping to produce a hot chocolate that is healthy and still smooth creamy and delicious.

      Angels are once again on the way to you ps

    • GAES STEM profile image

      Governor's Academy for Engineering Studies 2 years ago from Chesterfield, Virginia

      Looks delicious, and with it getting cooler this will be a handy recipe. Thanks for sharing.

    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 2 years ago from sunny Florida

      I just adore a great cup of this hot chocolate and sometimes I even have it in the summer....I make it really decadent by topping it off with ice cream...I love the hot and cold together.

      Thank you for I am really wanting some :D

      Angels are on the way this afternoon ps

    • colorfulone profile image

      Susie Lehto 2 years ago from Minnesota

      I love my coffee, I do like hot chocolate occasionally, especially with snicker-doodles. Not too big on sweets but I do like some sweet treats from time to time. Thank you for the recipe, it would be good to have some on hand for when the grand-kids come to visit. - Kudos!

    • Bredavies profile image

      Bredavies 2 years ago

      Delicious! Thank you for sharing!

    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 2 years ago from sunny Florida

      Homemade is good because you can control what is in it. It can be revised to suit your dietary needs as well ...

      Thank you for stopping

      Angels are visiting you this afternoon. ps

    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 2 years ago from sunny Florida

      Oh aesta I do think you might be surprised at how tasty this is even if it is a diversion from your usual likes.

      Thank you for visiting and stopping to comment

      Angels are on the way to you this afternoon ps

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 2 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I am not a hot chocolate fan unless it is the thick chocolate used for Churros. Although, nowadays, even that has been watered down. One of my disappointments when I traveled to Spain last Christmas.

    • CASE1WORKER profile image

      CASE1WORKER 2 years ago from UNITED KINGDOM

      we tend to buy the branded hot chocolate mixes so it is interesting to see that you can make your own mix

    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 2 years ago from sunny Florida

      It really is as good as I say it is...I promise.

      I do hope you have a chance to whip up some very soon.

      Angels are on the way to you this morning ps

    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 2 years ago from sunny Florida

      O yes it has been such a lovely little pleasure this winter too.. Our winter settled in for the last few weeks and now we are having springlike weather again.

      For how long..who knows. My sister says Austin is cold right enjoy the hot chocolate--- I send her a package of it a few weeks back :D

      Thank you for the Angels and the good wishes Peggy. Know they are winging their way back to you ps

    • dghbrh profile image

      deergha 2 years ago from ...... a place beyond now and beyond here !!!

      sound so yumyyy really would love to try :-)

      Shared and votes up.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 2 years ago from Houston, Texas

      What a wonderful indulgence especially on those cold wintery days as much of our country has been experiencing this winter. Besides just tastes good! Tweeting this! Our shares seem to be messed up at the moment.

      Sending angels your way this evening. May they always surround you!

    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 3 years ago from sunny Florida

      You are so is a guilty pleasure that I have grown to love. Thanks for your comment, Aufait It is always nice to have you visit.

      Angels are on the way to you this afternoon.... ps

    • Au fait profile image

      C E Clark 3 years ago from North Texas

      I love hot chocolate, or pretty much chocolate anything. The Bible says there is a time to be born and a time to die. People who have had near death experiences consistently report being told "You have to go back, it isn't your time yet," etc. If all these things are true, then we come here with an expiration date on ourselves and we will die when it is our time and not before. Therefore, there is no such thing as too much chocolate or hot chocolate. It won't kill you unless it's your time. :) So drink up and enjoy! Great yummy hub!

    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 4 years ago from sunny Florida

      thank you for the vote. It is the BEST. Since I am not the creator of it, I can say that!!

      It is smooth and creamy and can be made healthy by substituting a bit of this and a bit of that.

      It is almost time for me to make a batch.

      Have a lovely rest of the day

      Angels are on the way ps

    • Indian Chef profile image

      Indian Chef 4 years ago from New Delhi India

      This looks delicious and I am tempted to try it out. Voted 5 stars.

    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 5 years ago from sunny Florida

      We probably will die from whatever we eat so a little hot chocolate once a year might as well be the way to go. I use fat free and I do use splenda. Sugar is far far worse for all parts of the body than splenda is. i will give your recipe a try in a few weeks when it is cooler. Thanks for stopping by.

    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 5 years ago from sunny Florida

      Hi The creamer I use is fat free and very little of

    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 5 years ago from sunny Florida

      Hi The creamer I use is fat free and very little of

    • justmesuzanne profile image

      justmesuzanne 5 years ago from Texas

      I'm sure this is delicious, but that coffee creamer and artificial sweetener will kill ya! Thanks for your comments on my healthy alternative:

      Voted up and interesting! :)

    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 5 years ago from sunny Florida

      terry gruber, again, i see you have stopped by!!! i do have to agree...this is the b e s t....and i didn't 'invent' i can say that!!! i had a cup last night when a little chill was in the's early and i am thinking of heading to the kitchen now for another!!!

    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 5 years ago from sunny Florida

      terry gruber, thank you for stopping in to read about the cheese grits...they really are so delicious....creamy and flavorful....i am trying out some other grits recipes which i will share this year.

    • profile image

      Terry Gruber 5 years ago

      Yummy yummy

    • Steph72 profile image

      Steph72 6 years ago from Sunny Fl

      mmmmmmmmmmm now where is the pumpkin bread,sliced and toasted with a little smackeral of butter next to that hot chocolate yummmmyyyyy