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Bigelow Pumpkin Spice Tea: My Second Favorite

Updated on July 8, 2015

Yes it is my second favorite, but there are only two kinds of tea that I drink.

For years the only kind of tea I would drink was Celestial Seasonings Cinnamon Apple Spice Tea. Then one day at work one of my co-workers offered me this new kind of tea. I set it aside, and figured yea sometime soon. About a week later while making coffee for everyone I remembered the new tea bag that was in my locker. So I went and pulled it out and made myself a cup of tea.

When I got back to my desk I let her know that I was finally trying the tea. A few moments later I asked her where she got it and how much she had paid for it as I now had two kinds of tea that I would be drinking. She then handed me a box telling me how she tended to stock up as these were only out for a short time in the fall.

After that I would wait for fall to come and pick up a box or three that would then ration out for a few months. To be honest its that time of year again (September) and I saw the box on her desk again. I will be restocking my collection soon.

I have provided all the images on this page.

OK Folks, time to Voice Your Opinions about the Pumpkin Tea.

I know I like the Pumpkin Spice Tea, but what do you have to say?

It's in The Bag

or so the saying goes.

I am saying that it's a sure thing. Or more to the point its worth buying again and again.

Well lets break it down by the five senses.

It looks like a tea bag, it smells like a tea bag, it feels like a tea bag... oh wait I should open it and then do the review. Sorry, my fault.

Look further down and you will see how each of my five senses react to this wonderful drink.

The Five Senses

  1. Smell - The moment you open the box there is nothing. Why you ask? Its because each tea bag is wrapped by itself. Take a bag out and open it up. Now breath deep in through the nose. The smell of pumpkin and spice. You can smell more of the spice then the pumpkin. But I am more for the taste than the smell.

    Another fun thing about the smell - I have to walk from one side of the building to the other to get from the hot water to my desk. It is amazing how many people will ask me what kind of tea I am drinking? "It smells great" and," can I have one?"

  2. Taste - Now for the part that everyone is waiting to hear about. As you bring the cup up to your mouth, remember to take a quick sniff as this will add to the taste. In my own opinion, the spice out does the pumpkin. But for me that is how I like it. I would rather not be over powered by the taste of pumpkin. I have heard others not so happy that there is not enough, but to each their own. For this review, I took my time drinking the first cup of the season. This meant that it was slow to go cold. Believe it or not, the taste did not go away or diminish in any way. In fact, with every sip from start to finish, there was a pleasant after taste. This helps you to continue to enjoy your beverage even after the cup of tea is long gone.

    Side note: This was not as enjoyable when I tried it as iced tea.

  3. Sight - There are many things to see while enjoying this cup of tea. Starting with the box to the tea bag to the cup in your hand just waiting to take that first sip. Watching the steam rising up. You may go cross eyed if you watch the mug coming closer and closer to your mouth. Play it safe have a mirror in front of you. Remember folks, drink safely.

    Side note: If you take a while drinking your tea the inside will turn a sort of redish color. Don't worry folks, clean up is easy.

  4. Listen - To get the water ready, listen for the water to boil. Some tea pots will have a whistle, others will not.

    While others will place the mug into the microwave and set it for a few minutes, then listen for the microwave to stop.

  5. Touch - Yes folks remember do not pick up the tea cup if it is too hot. Scalding any part of your body would be a bad thing.

    Another side note on touching the tea bag - One tea bag is enough for each cup of tea. My wife will sometimes put in two tea bags per cup. Also don't try to use the tea bag twice. I did and the tea was weak and not much of an after taste.

In case you can't find this tea at the store because it is not the right season - Then you can get it on Amazon

Look a New Box

Something New and Very Cool

The box looks different but its the same tea. In fact I called Bigelow just to make sure. Pumpkin Spice has all ways been a green tea. It is just more pronounced on the design of the new box.In the past this was just a seasonal tea available through the stores in fall. But now thanks to a partnership with Wal-Mart this tea is now available 24x7x365.

There are Many Kinds of Tea in the World!

With all the different kinds of tea in the world, don't limit yourself to just one. I know that there are only three that I will drink. That could change as I am willing to try new things. So be daring, and go forth to try something new today.

I am still at it

Yes I am still sharing my tea. There is a food bank that I have been volunteering at. And one day this box of tea just showed up. Gee I wonder which one it was? Needless to say It opened and shared with three people. Two of which had never tried it until someone started talking about it. "Had I kept my mouth shout it would have all been mine!" But being me I try and share what I like. And it looks like I have two new people who enjoy the tea. I have been hording these as there were few left and I am now down to my last one. There would have been two but I now have a coworker asking where he can get this tea. Yes I share my addiction.

Tea for two and two for tea. - Words from me, now words from you. Please leave any comments or feedback.

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