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Good reasons why we should eat meat!

Updated on September 7, 2017
dingyskipper profile image

Hi I was bought up on a farm, love animals and could not eat a pet! I am a meat eater, but not a meat glutton.

miniature goats at hammerton zoo park England
miniature goats at hammerton zoo park England

Why Eat Meat?

Many of you out there do not eat meat for one reason or another. In my view they are not all good reasons.

I understand the thought of eating flesh is a digusting thought to some. They refuse to have anything to do with any animal products, to eat or wear. Good on them, it must be difficult to find good replacements at an affordable price.

I am aiming this at those who(as Curt Cobain said) eat fish as they don't have any feelings. Only eat chicken, would never eat a sheep. Won't eat meat yet wear leather shoes. And one of my pet hates, those who drink milk, but wouldn't eat cow!

Do you enjoy the countryside, the cows and sheep in the fields. Do you really think farmers would keep herds of these hungry animals just for you to enjoy, no if you were lucky some zoo might keep them. But then do you agree with zoos?

Animals are what keep our farmland healthy, I admit more people can be fed of a field of crops than a field of cows. But the animals do pay back in fertilizer!

I agree that many farming methods leave a lot to be desired, both in animal welfare, and quality of the food produced. But it is becoming easier to see where good meat comes from, but you have to be willing to pay a good price for it.

But back to those milk drinkers, if you drink milk animals have to die. Sorry but it's true, cows have to have calves to produce milk, and even the most loving farmer can't keep them. The same goes for goats.

Chickens are some of the most ill treated farm animals going. So eating them is not really better than eating lamb.

So perhaps we should ask ourselves why do we, or why do we not eat meat?

No more Idyllic Coutnry Scenes Like This

Why Don't Vegetarians Eat Eggs?

Because ,I presume all hens end up killed when no longer laying.

I kept hens for years, no boys only girls. So no fertilized eggs, and no end of life guilt on eating them. It has to be said they were probably the most expensive eggs on Earth, the girls were so spoiled and then died of old age. Which meant lots of feeding for no rewards. But they really do make good pets and the eggs are delicious!

Free Range ?


Typical growing shed

Chickens fFor Meat

Most meat chickens are grown on in Fattening sheds, it only takes about 60 days to get a full size bird for the table. Cheap food for us, but hard on the birds.

What we do need are people that are willing to pay more for chicken so that farmers are encouraged to stop this way of farming.

Just not eating chicken or eggs does not change their ways

Free Range Chickens

Not all chickens are treated well but such food can be found if you search hard enough
Not all chickens are treated well but such food can be found if you search hard enough

Eating Bacon

I love bacon!

There I've said it.

Pork chops, crackling the lot.

Unfortunately most pigs are kept in appalling conditions, indoors in half darkness etc.

But there is such a thing as outdoor grown pork. But it is expensive, but really nice to see the pigs wandering around fields.

If you choose to buy pork and want outdoor reared, beware, it is not always what you think. Most piglets are sent to an indoor fattening shed near their demise.

Berkshire Black Pigs

More And More Wheat

I found this very interesting

The only sheep you might see could be poor stuffed Dolly
The only sheep you might see could be poor stuffed Dolly

do you agree?

See results

© 2009 Carolyn


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    • dingyskipper profile image

      Carolyn 7 years ago from Northamptonshire

      All beef cattle that are kept to maturity need extra food suppliments, at least through the winter months and during what is known as the finishing of period.

      The good qaulity grass that can be grown here in the UK leads to summer grazing covering nearly all the food needs other than a few extra vitamins and minerals.

      In the winter other foods are added such as cereal based products and silage.

      These supplymentary foods have to be grown on other land adding to the amount of land per animal.

      The finishing off period makes a difference in the qaulity of beef and therefore the value.

      An intensively fed animal may be ready for slaughter at 12 months, where as a grass and mixed diet animal will not be ready until it is at least 22months old.

    • profile image

      John 7 years ago

      [quote]Animals are what keep our farmland healthy, I admit more people can be fed of a field of crops than a field of cows. But the animals do pay back in fertilizer![/quote]

      More people can be fed off a field of crops than a field of cows? You have got to be kidding me. Inch per inch, a field of cows (Not just a few, but a field full) can feed more than a field of grain.

      On my trips down south towards San Diego, CA on the I-5 there is an area where there are fields of cows as far as the eye can see packed in really close together. They do pack a lot of cows in there. But I tell you, if you were to take those fields and replace the cows with grain - you couldn't even come close. Granted they pack an unhealthy amount of cows in there.

      Here are come facts:

      Smaller breeds of cattle such as Dexter and Jersey mature anywhere between 600 and 1000 lbs. Large Continental breeds such as Charolais, Marchigiana, Belgian Blue and Chianina mature up to 1400 to 2500 lbs. British-breed cows such as Hereford, Angus (including Red Angus and Black Angus), and Shorthorn mature between 1000 to 2000 lbs, occasionally higher particularly with Angus and Hereford.

      So say on a small scale, and lets be generous about the # of cows per field:

      6 cows over 1 acre produces approx 6000 lbs of meat

      1 acre of wheat produces approx 2,400 - 3,000 lbs of grain