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Recipe Reader - More Then Just A Digital Recipe Book

Updated on April 25, 2012

The Recipe Reader Is a Great Kitchen Gadget

Here's a great gadget for anyone who loves to cook. The Demy recipe reader is a sleek organizational device that stores all your recipes in digital form. It's kitchen safe and perfect for messy cooks as it's splash resistant and easy to clean.

If you're thinking of buying the recipe reader as a gift, it's a brilliant option for anyone who finds pleasure in cooking. This is a great kitchen gadget for the cook who already has lots of equipment and kitchen gadgets. This is a great gift for those hard to buy for people.

The recipe reader does require a computer and internet access to get started, but it's a simple, easy process that anyone with basic knowledge of how to use a computer can do.

Demy Recipe Reader

The Demy recipe reader is a really savvy kitchen gadget that is a great addition to any foodies collection. This is a stand out product that is far more than just an electronic recipe book.

How Do I Get My Recipes On To The Recipe Reader?

To get started with your recipe reader you need to sign up for free membership on (it takes around 30 seconds!). Once you have an account you have 3 different options: you can choose public recipes on the website, type in your own recipes (which can be made public or private as you choose), or send your hard copy recipes to for digital translation.

Once you have your recipe selection to add to your recipe reader, you plug the recipe reader USB cable into your Mac or PC and the recipe reader places the recipes onto the device.

It's a very simple process that might sound a bit complicated for computer novices, but instructions are clear and easy to follow. If giving as a gift you may choose to complete this process before giving the recipe reader to your recipient.

Why Choose A Recipe Reader Over A Recipe Book?

  • The Recipe reader comes with 250 recipes already installed, but it has a capacity to hold 2500. That's a lot of meals!
  • You can choose to add public recipes from to your recipe reader as well as your own.
  • You don't have to put all your recipes on in one go, they can be added at any time.
  • Your recipes stored on can be publicly shared or made private.
  • The recipe reader has 2 different viewing angles and a touchscreen, just like the iPad.
  • You can organise your recipes into different cookbooks or they can be found by letter.
  • Adjustable font size means that you can increase the size so you can see clearly.
  • The Recipe Reader comes with 3 inbuilt timers.
  • An ingredient conversion tool makes it easy to convert from different measurements.
  • The alternative ingredients list will help you out when you don't have a key ingredient for a recipe
  • The Recipe Reader is kitchen safe and splash proof. You won't get sticky pages or blurred text due to spills and splashes.

Recipe Reader - A Brilliant Kitchen Gadget

For the cook who has all the latest kitchen gadgets, or just loves cool things, this is a great product that will delight.

The Recipe Reader looks stylish and sleek, is functional as a cooking timer, alternative ingredient tool, measurement conversion tool as well as a digital recipe book. This is a really innovative but practical gadget to have in the kitchen.

For anyone who loves to cook, this is a stand out kitchen accessory that will get used time and time again.


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