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Gluten-Free Cookbook Reviews

Updated on December 13, 2015

Books Before the Search


Looking for the Best Gluten-Free Cookbooks

I stacked up all my old cookbooks from before I realized I had to stop eating all gluten and grain products and found that they only partially met my needs.

So, I went on a search for the best gluten and grain-free cookbooks I could find that contained all recipes that I didn't have to alter to use.

I found some really great ones that suited me, but the best part was, that they also had alternatives for people with other problems in addition to the gluten sensitivity, such as nut allergies and dairy intolerance.

How it Began

A gluten-free, grain-free, and sugar-free lifestyle started for me in January, 2013. I have been a diet-controlled diabetic for 20 years. Cholesterol, triglyserides, asthma and weight have been a problem all my life. Osteoarthrits effects my entire spine and hands.

Since stopping the wheat and all other grains (except a little brown rice and quinoa), I have had so many health improvements that I have no desire to ever turn back.

My retinal specialist was amazed at the improvement in my vision, retinal health, and reduced eye pressure from glaucoma.

My family doctor was thrilled with the reduction in inflammatory indicators in my blood, reduced triglycerides and cholesterol and even better control of my blood sugar levels. My most recent three month blood-sugar level (HgA1C) was normal.


New found Energy

My energy level amazes me. I play doubles tennis four times a week for 2 hours each. I'm just getting ready to try Pickle Ball one evening a week when I don't play tennis. The arthritis in my spine and hands no longer restricts my activities

I very rarely take a nap anymore and still have the energy to go for a 45 minute walk in the evening.

I wake up early in the morning completely refreshed and raring to go.

Gluten Sensitivity

Do you need cookbooks that have recipes that are:

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The Search for Gluten-Free Cookbooks

I'm constantly in search of great tasting recipes that fulfill the criteria for this lifestyle.

I have several cookbooks that I have found that are perfect for me. The number being published continues to increase as more people realize the damaging effects of wheat on their bodies.

All of the cookbooks listed are gluten free but not necessarily grain free or sugar free. Since we all have so many different situations for what we have to avoid, I felt a comprehensive list would be better than just the ones that meet my needs.

Stevia Chocolate Candy

Diabetic Chocolate Candy with Stevia
Diabetic Chocolate Candy with Stevia | Source

My Gluten-Free Recipes on HubPages

When I'm not using other people's recipes, I'm experimenting with my own and have written several hubs to share them with you. Here are a few of the links to them, including the chocolate candy, if you would like to check them out.,

The Wheat Belly Cookbook

I started my journey going wheat free with "The Wheat Belly Cookbook" by Dr Davis. The book explained why wheat was causing so many health problems and how you could improve your health through altering you diet to exclude wheat, most other grains, and refined sugars.

Some of the recipes in this book were a little to complicated for me, but then he came out with "The Wheat Belly Thirty Minute Cookbook."

The Wheat Belly 30 Minute Cookbook

I love this new cookbook by Dr. Davis. The recipes are much easier to prepare and he has some great prepared mixes like the All-Purpose Baking Mix and the Flaxseed Wrap Baking Mix that get used in so many of his recipes.

I just keep a big container of the baking mix in the refrigerator and scoop out what is needed for what ever I am making. It is great in the morning when I 'm in a rush and make one of my cake-in-a-cup recipes (available on HubPges.)

I've been following Dr Davis on FaceBook and he frequently gives new recipes using the prepared mixes that he sells. I find that I am able to use the mixes from this cookbook to make the new recipes he provides there. If his commercial mix would naturally have spices added to it, I just add them myself.

Satisfying Eats

Melissa McGehee's first cookbook is based on the teaching of Dr. William Davis, MD author to the "Wheat Belly Cookbook." Being a mother of an infant, she creates wonderfully easy and tasty gluten free, grain free, low carb, sugar free recipes.

She also includes adaptations for people who are dairy and /or nut intolerant. I ordered the Kindle version so I have the portability of having on my cell phone when I go shopping for quick reference.

Amazon carries the Kindle version which I prefer, but a hard copy is available directly through the author.

Comforting Eats

After the birth of her second child, Melissa release her second cookbook. She follows the teaching of Dr. Davis' Wheat Belly Plan with more easy and tasty meals, dessert, baked goods and old time favorites.

She uses mainly nut flours but also supplies alternatives for be who are also nut and/or dairy intolerant.

Both of Melissa's books are available on Kindle on Amazon. I like having them that way so I always can pull up a copy while I'm out shopping to check on ingredients. I also have them displayed on the Kindle while I'm making the recipe. It takes up very little space and turning pages is much easier and less messy.

The Joy of Gluten-free and Sugar-Free Baking

There a great deal of really delicious recipes in this cookbook. Some are a little complicated, but what I like is that they also use many different types of nut and seed flours. Exploring these different flours and experiencing the different tastes that result is great fun.

They also tell you how to make the different flours from the raw nuts and seeds. It is a nice addition to my library. I've experiments with several of these and it works very well, because I only make enough for one or two used and keep the unprocessed seeds and nuts in the freezer to keep them fresh.

Do you Have Others You Like?

Please let us know about them in the guestbook section below. We would love ot hear about them.


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