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Savory Pie 9 Jars Easy and Good!

Updated on July 31, 2020
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Savory Pie: What Goodness!

savory pie 9 jars: easy and good! And here we are again preparing a savory pie, this time with a useful trick to avoid mistaking the proportions and obtain the right balance between flavours and consistency. We are obviously talking about the 9 jars savory pie, a speciality that our grandchildren constantly ask us, even as a snack! No wonder, unfortunately, although it is not a classic sweet snack, the savory pie has all the useful features to conquer the goodies. A couple of slices of this doughnut will be appreciated as an appetizer, snack in the mid-afternoon or even after dinner if there is still a little appetite.

The versatility of this savory pie is maximum because, after all, it is perfect for our "hunger attacks", beautiful and ready looking at us in the kitchen. Delicious, soft, tasty, a real goodness that seems suitable for many occasions. When we are planning a family picnic, savory pie is one of the ideal courses. Beautiful, comfortable, warm, ready to eat, slice after slice. If you get distracted for a few minutes after serving it, you risk not having time to taste it that will already be over!

Hunting for flavors with the 9 jars savory pie

One of the most interesting aspects of the 9 jars savory pie, besides obviously its practicality, is the fun of guessing the ingredients used to prepare it. Rest assured, anyone who will taste it will dare ask you for the recipe! Don't be jealous of your cooking tricks, on the contrary, let the nine tasters guess the nine jars!

The flavour of this cake with zucchini, scamorza, cheese and yoghurt is so balanced that the task will be anything but simple! Much easier is the preparation of this cake with the trick of the yoghurt jar used as a single dispenser, a stratagem that will greatly simplify your doses making the preparation very quick and instinctive.

A tasty lactose-free cake

Lightness, taste, practicality and simplicity, do you need other good reasons to prepare these 9 jars savory pie? We bring to your attention the exceptional advantages of consuming Greek yoghurt, a traditional dairy product that has spread all over the world from Greece.

The creamy flavour and acidic taste are accompanied by a nutritional richness of mineral salts and vitamins. There are many benefits attributable to Greek yoghurt, among these the most significant is certainly linked to helping digestion, supported in this case by the choice of only lactose-free ingredients.

And here is the recipe for the 9 jars savory pie: Ingredients:

2 eggs
3 jars of 00 flour
1 jar of lactose-free Greek yoghurt
1 jar of whole milk Accardi
1 jar of seed oil
1 jar of 36-month grated Parmesan cheese
1 jar of Abbasciano scamorza cubes
1 jar of courgette cubes
1 sachet of yeast for savory pies
1 pinch of salt
1 sprig of thyme
Clarified butter to taste


Pour a jar of Greek yoghurt into a bowl. Then wash the container of yoghurt so that it can become the unit of measurement for this preparation. Measure out the milk and pour it into the yoghurt container. In the same way, proceed with oil and eggs, whipping everything with electric whips. Then add sifted Parmesan, flour and yeast and knead until the mixture is completely free of lumps.

In another cup, mix together diced courgettes, thyme, smoked cheese and salt. After mixing them together with the seasonings, add the scamorza and courgettes to the bowl with the dough and mix them together. Take a doughnut mould, butter it and flour it. Place the dough inside the mould and bake at 180 degrees for about 40 minutes. The best flavour will be appreciable by serving the cake cold or warm. Enjoy your meal!

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