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What are the side effects of green coffee

Updated on July 25, 2012
Could green coffee be harmful?
Could green coffee be harmful?

Green coffee

Of green coffee it is said to help you lose weight. Scientific studies have shown that green coffee increases the metabolism, which means you lose weight.

Lately you hear more stories of lots of people who have lost weight by drinking green coffee. But what exactly is green coffee and is green coffee dangerous to our health?

What is green coffee and why do you lose weight by drinking green coffee?

Green coffee consists mainly of green tea, caffeine and a blend of herbal extracts. Drinking green coffee will reduce the appetite which decreases the craving for sweets. Green coffee also stimulates the body to burn more calories, fat and carbohydrates. In addition, the cholesterol level decreases by green coffee.

After you've been drinking green coffee you feel energetic and healthy, because of the herbal extracts in the coffee.

Could green coffee be harmful to health?

The Leptin Green Coffee 800 or Green Coffee 1000 is the original green coffee and has a positive effect on metabolism, weight, intestines, skin (against aging), cholesterol and energy levels.

But, as with many products, fake green coffee is also available. Research has shown that these fake green coffee could bring serious health risks with it because of dangerous additions.

Therefore, you should only buy genuine Leptin Green Coffee.

How to drink green coffee?

You can drink green coffee as follows;

Dissolve in the morning or early afternoon a bag of green coffee in 100 ml of hot water and leave it alone for several minutes. You don’t have to add milk or sugar because the green coffee 1000 already has a cappuccino flavour. Green coffee 800 however is bitter.

After drinking the green coffee, you must wait at least 20 minutes before having your breakfast.

Don't drink green coffee when pregnant!
Don't drink green coffee when pregnant!

Green coffee is not suitable for…

• People with heart disease

• Diabetes patients

• People with high blood pressure

• Pregnant women

• Women who are breastfeeding

• People under the age 18

What are possible side effects of green coffee?

• Headaches

• Heart palpitations

• Dry mouth

• Insomnia

Advice for drinking green coffee

• Since green coffee can cause insomnia, it is recommended to drink green coffee only in the morning or early afternoon. Drinking green coffee after the afternoon could have a negative influence on your sleep rhythm.

• Green coffee can cause side effects (especially if you drink too much). It is also recommended to drink not too much green coffee on a day. A cup of green coffee per day is sufficient.

• Some people easily lose more than three pounds a week. This happens especially to persons who are overweight. However, losing more than one kilogram of body weight per week can be harmful to health. So keep an eye on your weight daily. Have you lost already several pounds within a week? Then wait a few days before starting to drink green coffee again.

• When you experience one of the above mentioned side effects, you have to stop drinking green tea and green coffee immediately, till mentioned side effects are disappeared. However, if these side effects continue, you should consult your doctor.


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      8 years ago


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      8 years ago

      There is a good post. Important hub found not all the time. Thank you very much. Has it, I will.

    • francois580 profile image


      9 years ago

      Erg interessante en leerzame hubs. Kom hiet zéker terug Lilalollie

    • lilalollie profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from The Netherlands

      Thanks very much, I like your hubs as well, so I started following you. I hope you've seen, that I am from the Netherlands, your neighbour country :)

      I must say, now that the Dutch team is gone from the European Champignonships, I am secretly supporting the German team.

      Hope you enjoy more of my hubs I will publish in future! Thanks again, Lilalollie

    • Thelma Alberts profile image

      Thelma Alberts 

      9 years ago from Germany

      What an informative hub! I have not heard of green coffee before ( only green tea) until I read this article. Thanks for sharing. BTW, Welcome to HubPages!


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