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Simple Sandwich Specially for kids lunch box

Updated on April 28, 2016

Why Sandwich

Kids love to eat things that are not only tasty but also easier to eat. Sandwich are simple to hold, easy to eat on move and if we use our creativity, it can carry a lot of nutrition too. Besides I feel two sandwiches are good enough for growing kids

Making it rich

What all I take

  • I prefer using atta (wheat) bread or multigrain bread that is not not more than 2 days old
  • My choice of vegetables include - Cucumber, Tomato
  • Cheese - Cheese spread, cheese slice, cottage cheese
  • Sauces - Mayonnaise, non spice salsa sauce or tomato ketup
  • seasoning - Salt, pepper, italian mix spices
  • Butter


  • Chop one cucumber in small pieces
  • Cut one tomato into 2 and scoop out the liquid/gel and seeds leaving the thick rind behind
  • Chop the tomato rind into small pieces
  • Cut small pieces of cottage cheese

Now What

  • With a spoon spread cheese spread/mayo (whatever you prefer or both) on one side of the slice
  • Spread salsa/tomato ketchup on one side of other slice (thin layer)
  • Keep the breads flat with sauce side up
  • On the bread with cheese spread, put cucumbers to cover the bread
  • Now spread tomatoes evenly, almost half in quantity of cucumbers
  • Top up with cottage cheese again almost half of cucumber quantity
  • Add seasoning as per taste
  • Keep a cheese slice on to and press slightly to hold the below vegetables
  • Keep the salsa spread bread on top with salsa towards cheese slice
  • Press slightly, so that all the things take their places

Time to GRILL

  • Switch on the grill
  • Spread some butter on both sides to avoid sticking
  • Place the sandwich carefully and close the griller lid carefully so that slices don't move
  • check for Griller indicator and as soon as it says ready , carefully take out the sandwich
  • Since it has tomatoes and sauce it might get a little sticky, in that case use a flat turning spatula to carefully pick up the sides

WHOA !! your kids lunch is ready in 15 min and you are not guilty of giving anything that has no or less nutrition

You are happy too as s/he is gonna eat it too

You are even more happy as s/he is going to kiss u when back home for a yummy snack

and not to forget you get 15 min to sleep out of your 30 min you kept to make lunch for your kid

Scrumptious Pictures

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Even more creative

Sharing few of creative things that I have done

  • Attimes I cut shapes of bread and cheese slice so that the excitement grows even more while eating a star or heart
  • Experiment a little with tangy sauces like mint or indian gooseberry chutney
  • I have also made a ball of these sandwiches and firs them golden brown
  • After grilling cut in small cubes with a sharp chef knife for easy bites

And please share what all you have done with your versions


Cook Time

Prep time: 10 min
Cook time: 5 min
Ready in: 15 min
Yields: 1 kids


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