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Updated on February 17, 2009

Sport Solar Oven

Sport With Reflector (Recommended)
Sport With Reflector (Recommended)
Sport Without Reflector
Sport Without Reflector
Upright for Winter Cooking (Needs Reflector)
Upright for Winter Cooking (Needs Reflector)

Comments From GOURMET Magazine

Referring to the SPORT Solar Oven, Food Editor Alexis Touchet said, "It was light, it was easy to use, and it worked perfectly." -- from GOURMET--The Magazine of Good Living, January, 2005

Saves You Money

This kind of cooking, using solar energy, saves you money every time you use it.

Estimates vary, but you will probably save between $1.00 and $1.75 in fuel costs each time you use it.

Cheaper Cuts, Lower Fats

Anyone who appreciates slow cooked, tender meat will like the meat cooked in the Sport Solar Oven.

Let the sun do the cooking. No charcoal. No gas.

Sometimes you can't finish cooking because you sky becomes cloudy. You can put your oven out tomorrow and finish if the sun comes out.  I just did this today. 

Tips For Solar Oven Cooking

  • Purchase the Reflector for winter and hazy days.
  • Buy the cheapest cuts of meat for slow cooking & full flavor.
  • Beef roast, pork roast, turkey drumsticks---mmmm!

Baked Fish Filets

Steamed Corn on the Cob

Baked Dinner Rolls

Steamed Vegetables

Comments from Bill Potts

Bill Potts is the official chef for the Solar Oven Society. He loves to cook while fishing. Bill points out the SPORT Solar Oven will not rust. It is a safe, fireless cooker that produces extraordinarily tasty and nutritious foods. The SPORT is used on boats of all types. It is easy to stow and handle because it weighs only 11 pounds (with two pots).

Bill Potts, Official Solar Oven Chef

Buy a SPORT and you are helping others. . .

Government cannot provide support for all good causes. We suggest you buy a SPORT Solar Oven for your many benefits. You will be supporting the distribution of the SPORT in developing countries where cooking over wood fires has led to deforestation and lung disease.

If you could add $60 for a contribution, you will enable the SOS to send one solar oven unassembled to someone in a developing country.

Woman Gathering Firewood

Some days it takes 7 hours to find enough wood to cook a meal.
Some days it takes 7 hours to find enough wood to cook a meal.


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    • juliehorton profile image

      juliehorton 9 years ago from Utah

      This is great information about solar ovens. Thanks!