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Star Wars Cookie Cutters

Updated on May 28, 2013

Star Wars Cookies Are Great for Birthday Parties or Any Occasion

Are you a Star Wars fan? Or do you have a Star Wars fan in your life? Then you'll love these Star Wars cookie cutters that are shaped like your favorite heroes, villains and vehicles from the Star Wars saga. Use The Force on your favorite cookies to make them look like Yoda or take them to The Dark Side and create treats shaped like Darth Vader. You'll have a lot of fun nibbling on treats created with these fun Star Wars cookie cutters. Take a look below to take your baking to galactic new heights.

(Image of Star Wars cookie cutters provided by amazon)

Star Wars Cookie Cutters

Choose your favorite set and start baking!

These Star Wars Press-and-Stamp Cookie Cutters are sure to be a hit with both young Padawans and wise old Jedi masters. Each cutter spring-loaded stamp, allowing them to cut as swiftly and precisely as a lightsaber. Use the edges to shape your cookie, and then press the stamp into the dough to add the details. Then add your own decorations after the cookies are baked to bring your creations to life.

Star Wars Cookie Cutters
Set of four characters includes Yoda, Darth Vader, Boba Fett and StormtrooperCHECK PRICE

Star Wars Cookie Cutters
Set of four vehicles includes Death Star, Millennium Falcon, Vader's Tie Fighter, X-Wing FighterCHECK PRICE

Star Wars Cookie Cutters
Set of four characters includes Jawa, R2-D2, C-3PO and ChewbaccaCHECK PRICE

Star Wars Cookbook Deluxe Set with Cookie CuttersCHECK PRICE

This cookbook set comes with the Star Wars Cookbook, featuring 30 recipes for treats such as Yoda Soda, Landonuts, Biscuit Fistos, Clone Scones and Bossk Brownies. Plus, you get three cookie cutters shaped like popular characters - Darth Vader, Yoda, and R2-D2.

More Star Wars Baking Ideas - How about a Darth Vader cake pan?

If you're feeling more like cake than cookies, try this Star Wars cake pan. It's shaped like the evil Darth Vader's helmet. Just bake, decorate and then help make Lord Vader disappear as you enjoy this delicious cake.

Star Wars - Merchandise - Darth Vader Baking Pan / Cake Dish (9" x 11" x 2")
Star Wars - Merchandise - Darth Vader Baking Pan / Cake Dish (9" x 11" x 2")

Product features:

- Baking Pan / Dish

- Bakes your cake in the shape of Darth Vader's helmet

- Size: 9" x 11" 2"


Star Wars cookie cutters are fun for all ages!

More Fun in the Kitchen with Star Wars Molds - Fun kitchen accessories

Did you know you can also make Star Wars-shaped pancakes, ice cubes and candies? These molds make it easy.

Star Wars Cookie Cutters on eBay - Find great deals and hard-to-find items

eBay is a great site for finding Star Wars collectibles and other products. Take a look below to see what deals they currently have on new or vintage Star Wars cookie cutters.

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    • Brandi Bush profile image

      Brandi 5 years ago from Maryland

      These would be really fun to make for a Star Wars birthday party or a movie marathon! :)