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How to Grow Vegetables in Containers

Updated on January 1, 2020
kmackey32 profile image

Kristie has worked in a nursing home for the last 12 years. She has held titles such a director and assistant director of activities.

My Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter

I recently bought a tomato upsidedown planter and i must say i love it. I love how the plants turn around the other way to grow soon after they are planted.

 Last year i lived in my home untill it forclosed and i was forced to rent an apartment. I had grown corn, potatoes, peppers, onions, tomatos, peas(my daughters favorite), and yellow beans in my garden. This year I am renting an apartment with no land. I love to grow vegtables, so i bought the tomato upside down planter at walmart for 10$ and one of those green bags with wholes that are used for flowers. The green bags look so plain to me so i said to my husband, "why can't we design our own"? We then went to biglots and bought a big tarp, a grommet gun at walmart and some extra large grommets, the kind used for shower curtains, for extra support for the wholes. .

It took some time but we made a few that were blinged out. They turned out to be excellent mothers day gifts, with strawberrys planted in them.. My landloard liked them so much he decided to make his own.. In the green plain bag i plainted peas, which i had started in my house a couple weeks prior. I also bough a extra large plastic flower pot and planted potatoes in it. I got some cucumbers planted and when there big enouph i am going to see how it works to plant them in some containers. Many vegtables can be grown in containers with the right soil and enouph sun light. Corn was one vetable i never thought you would beable to grow in a container but apparently one can, maybe that will be my next project.

Everything is growing much faster in the containers as apose to last year when everything was in the ground. I am going to show more pictures as the plants progress.

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this is my bag of peas with the plain bag
this is my bag of peas with the plain bag
see how the tomatos are turning around.
see how the tomatos are turning around.
these are all the different containers i have used for growing my vetables so far.
these are all the different containers i have used for growing my vetables so far.
this tomato plant is growing like crazy about a month later
this tomato plant is growing like crazy about a month later
They are growing crazy about 6 weeks later!!
They are growing crazy about 6 weeks later!!
6 weeks later!!
6 weeks later!!
They are growing like crazy!!
They are growing like crazy!!

I found these on Amazon. Cheaper than what I payed!!


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    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 

      10 years ago from Houston, Texas

      So very interesting...these topsy turvey containers. Obviously you must have places in which to hang them where they get enough sunlight. Do you have to water them daily?

    • my-success-guru profile image


      11 years ago from Upstate NY

      Hey kmackey! Hope all is well! Great Hub! Interesting how you tip the container upside down. It grows better this way?

      I'm getting hungry! Grrr! Got to run! Bye

    • kmackey32 profile imageAUTHOR


      11 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

      Ive never grown avocado but ive learned when transplanting make sure the dirt is wet. Tip the container upside down and it should come out ok.

    • rosariomontenegro profile image


      11 years ago from NEW YORK

      Great, congratulations for your green thumb.

      May be you can give me an advice? I threw a couple of avocado seeds on a tiny flower pot. Now they are growing and I don't know how to transplant them to a bigger pot without breaking either them or the pot that is beautiful.

      I hope you are going to find jobs and a new house very soon. Best to you!


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