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Top Restaurants In Alberta Canada

Updated on October 14, 2014
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Jeff Johnston is a medieval reenactor and avid history fan. He is also the publisher at Living History Publications.

Reviewing the Best Restaurants in Alberta Canada

I love food. I am a foodie for sure, I love eating food, making it, trying new foods, and learning more about food.

I really enjoy trying out new restaurants and seeing what they have to offer. I also recently moved to Alberta for work. I thought perhaps others like me might like to know what restaurants in Alberta are worth going to. To that end I will be keeping this article updated with the latest restaurants I have tried that I find worthy of note.

The article is sparse on restaurants right now, but come back often I will add places as I visit them.

photo was taken by myself, it is of the monkey fingers from Jasper Brewing Co.

Regions of Alberta

For the purposes of this article I am going to break the reviews down by region, the regions I will be using are:

  1. Alberta North

  2. Canadian Rockies

  3. Alberta Central

  4. Edmonton & Area

  5. Calgary & Area

  6. Alberta South

Alberta North

Northern Alberta is a wonderfully beautiful area of this great nation. Northern Lights at night to the north, Rocky Mountains to the west, what more could you want?

Su Casa

Best Mexican Restaurant In The North

I have had some great Mexican food in my day. When I lived in Ontario I lived not to far away from a small grotty little taco store called "Taco Tony's" I maintain to this day that they are the best taco's this side of Mexico, however Su Casa beat's Taco Tony's on several fronts. Su Casa is not a taco stand, it shares as many similarities to Taco Bell that a fine steak house has to McDonalds.

I had the shrimp enchilada, and let me tell you it was heaven on a plate. Probably the best praise I can give Su Casa is that the corn was fantastic, I am not a fan of corn, but the corn side that came with the enchilada was really really good. The chipolata white sauce on the enchilada was creamy and made the enchilada dance on the palate. My fiance had the flauta's and I managed to steal a bite of that as well, and it made me almost wish I hadn't ordered the enchilada it was so good. For desert we split an apple Churro with ice cream. Neither of us really had room for desert, but both of us were glad we did.

Su Casa is a new favourite for sure, and we will be going back again and again.

Padrino's Italian Ristorante

Great Italian Food

Went into Grande Prairie the other day for a dentists appointment and decided on hitting up Padrino's for dinner. I had some doubts as it was the restaurant attached to a Best Western and I always find that restaurants attached to hotels are hit and miss at best, but I am definitely glad I did. Forgot to take any pictures I was so hungry and the food was so good.

I will say they did everything right. Nice atmosphere, great food, good service. Padrino's managed to keep my water glass full throughout the meal, no mean feat.

I had Penne Arrabiate which featured chorizo sausage in a chili tomato sauce. Very nice, the sauce was milder than I expected, but the chorizo made up for it with lots (but not too much) heat, making it a nice blend of spice levels. For desert had the trio, highly recommend it that way you get a bit of everything.

To drink I had a vodka martini, and they did that perfect. One of the best martini's I've tasted. They had a whole martini menu, many of my friends and readers know how I feel about martini menus but I won't hold it against them too much since their martini menu had the decency to have actual martinis.

Over all I'd come back again in a heartbeat. And I'll be adding to this entry as I try new things, I expect great things from this place.


The Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies are stunning, and while most people consider British Columbia to be Rocky country there is much to see of the Rockies in Alberta. Jasper and Banff are both in Alberta, and well worth the visit.

More things to do in the Rockies other than eat

Monkey Fingers and Beer from Jasper Brewing Company
Monkey Fingers and Beer from Jasper Brewing Company

Jasper Brewing Company

Much more than just beer

I love beer, most people know that about me, so when I saw the Jasper Brewing Company on a recent trip into Jasper I just knew I had to eat there. Jasper Brewing Company is located right on the main drag of the town of Jasper (in the heart of Jasper National Park), you can't miss it with a large metal mountain goat in front of it. Its a cozy pub atmosphere with great service.

At the Jasper Brewing Company they know how to do beers right. All of their beers on tap are made in house, and wow are they fantastic. I chose to get the sampler pack because with that you got one of all their beers, and who wouldn't want that. The beers in the sampler pack included the Sutter Hill Pilsner, Rockhopper IPA, Honey Bear Blonde Ale, Lift Line Cream Amber Ale (yum!), 6060 Stout (best stout baring only Guiness), and the ever tasty Black Eye Blueberry Vanilla Ale. While every beer was wonderful I am sure you can guess I had some favourites. The Rockhopper IPA was a great IPA not overly hopped, but still enough hops to make you notice, I am not a huge fan of IPA's in general though, so it should be no surprise that I didn't find it to be the best, but I did still rate it 4/5 on Untappd. 6060 is a stellar stout, in fact I bought a jug to bring home, it was THAT good.

Now onto the food. We went on a Sunday afternoon, and that is the way to do it I think. All appetizers were $7. So my fiance and I went for a collection of appies to share. The only difference is I got an order of wings for myself and she got some sliders, which I stole a bite of but was mainly for her. We didn't finish all the food because the portion sizes were huge. Trust me one appetizer would work fine as a meal.

Monkey Fingers: This delightful dish was a shocker, never thought this combination of ingredients would turn out good. Monkey Fingers are chicken fingers breaded in banana and panko batter. I know, it sounds beyond bizzare, but trust me when I say they are the best chicken fingers I have ever eaten bar none. They come with two sauces and both were divine, the sweet mango curry sauce is the best curry sauce I could have dreamed of, and the sweet chili sauce was light enough on the sweet that it made me a believer in sweet chili sauces all over again.

Bang Bang Chicken Wings: Want wings with a kick, then these are for you. Nice and spicy, although you can also get them in sea salt and cracked peper, but why would you go and do that? They weren't the best chicken wings I ever ate, but they were darn tasty, and I could eat these all day.

Sucker Punch Nachos: Tons of toppings, loads of cheese, what more could you want from a nacho. Now when compared to the other dishes the nachos just didn't stack up, but that was no fault of their own, they were really good nachos, but when your competition is the best chicken fingers you have ever tasted and delicious hot wings, you might as well not even enter the arena.

Sweet Potato Fries: Not much to say about these, pretty generic sweet potato fries, nothing outstanding. I will say however that dipped in the sweet mango curry sauce from the Monkey fingers they are fantastic, but that's more the sauces doing than the fries.


Alberta Central

Restaurant reviews of this area coming soon

Edmonton and Area

Restaurant reviews of this area coming soon

Calgary and Area

Restaurant reviews of this area coming soon

Alberta South

Restaurant reviews of this area coming soon

Where Are these Restaurants?

show route and directions
A markerJasper Brewing Co. -
624 Connaught Dr Jasper, AB T0E 1E0
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B markerPadrino's Italian Ristorante -
10745 117 Avenue Grande Prairie, AB
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C markerSu Casa -
9822 95 Avenue, Peace River, AB T8S 1H7, Canada
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Know a place in Alberta (especially Northern Alberta since that's where I live) that is great. Leave me a note and I'll see if I can get there and check it out.

© 2013 Jeff Johnston

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