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Tortilla Pans Review - Are they worth it?

Updated on February 1, 2017

Perfect Size Bowls for the Money

The first time I saw these Perfect Tortilla Baking Pans was at a grocery store on display near the checkout. Out of curiosity I picked up the box, opened it and saw four little scalloped shaped baking dishes. Not too impressive I thought. I closed the box and placed it back on the shelf, because I thought $10 was too much money.Several months later I saw this item again in another location of the store. This time I decided to do some research online concerning the product. Come to find out, there were several kinds of products along the same lines and in various sizes. The more I read, the more I liked the product and its versatility.

Photo by Favored1

Copyrighted Material by Favored1. Do not copy. Photo credit byFavored1 or Amazon unless otherwise noted. This artwork is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License.

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Know Your Pan - Follow the Directions

Photo by favored1
Photo by favored1

Perfect Tortilla Pan

Perfect Tortilla Tortilla Pan Set 4 Pc.
Perfect Tortilla Tortilla Pan Set 4 Pc.
Bake golden crispy bowls in minutes. The non stick and dishwasher safe. Great for salads, dips, chili, dessert and more! Each pan measures 6.5" x 6.5" x 2.5".

It's important to read the instructions before using your pans. Even though they are non-stick and go into the oven, they cannot be used in a broiller or microwave.We wash our pans by hand after each use to prevent any scratching or damage to them. After they are dry we store them in their original box and put it on a shelf in the cupboard.

Perfect Tortilla Pans Set I Bought

The entire family will enjoy making these fun food dishes. Make them for parties, lunches, barbecues, entertaining or just for dinner. For desserts brush on butter and sprinkle them with sugar or cinnamon before baking. Let them cool and then fill with your favorite ice cream or frozen yogurt to make sundaes.

My Big Bowl - Little Salad

Photo by favored1
Photo by favored1

Taco Salads at Big Prices

I love taco salads and the bowl in particular. What I don't like is the hefty price I pay for one ranging upwards of $7.00 in some places, and that's without meat.Usually I have them special ordered, which seems to warrant one getting messed up and being thrown out. That really bothers me, because I don't like to waste food.

Buying a salad that only has a bit of lettuce, tomatoes, rice bean paste and a sprinkle of cheese can get expensive, especially when I only eat half of the bowl.

Leaving Half the Bowl Uneaten

Photo by favored1
Photo by favored1

Baked Not Fried. - You can feel good knowing that you're serving a healthier tortilla.

Photo by favored1
Photo by favored1

The next time I saw the Perfect Tortilla Pan Set I bought it. I decided it was more cost effective being able to make my own, plus the size was more suited for me.Photo by favored1

It's really this easy!

Shape it in the pan by pushing down on the tortilla.

Shape it in the pan by pushing down on the tortilla.
Shape it in the pan by pushing down on the tortilla.

Bake it in the oven for 5 - 7 minutes at 400 degrees.

Bake it in the oven for 5 - 7 minutes at 400 degrees.
Bake it in the oven for 5 - 7 minutes at 400 degrees.

Create Your Masterpiece.

Create Your Masterpiece.
Create Your Masterpiece.

Family, Food & Fun - Use the bowls as dishes to serve the food.

Photo by favored1
Photo by favored1

You Create What You Like

Photo by favored1
Photo by favored1

My Perfect Vegetarian Salad

Use these baked tortilla bowls for healthy salads, dip, chili bowls or a dessert dish. They are better for you because they are not fried. We have even made breakfast tortilla bowls with eggs, sausage, and hash browns.

Select the flavor tortilla you want and the size. I use the 8 inch size. It seems to fit the pan perfectly. A package of 8 costs less than $5.00 and I can choose from several flavors including organic herb tortillas. Make extra and store them in a sealed container for a few weeks.

Photo by favored1 (my box)

The Perfect Salad - This is the right size for me using the Perfect Tortilla Pan Set.

Photo by favored1
Photo by favored1

I love this salad with this baked tortilla bowl. Lots of salad, smaller bowl. It isn't greasy and has loads of flavors. My salad has fresh lettuces, cauliflower, brocolli, radishes, tomatoes, cheese with Fit & Active Salad Dressing. So delicious, and much better for me.If I had a choice, I'd never eat one of those fast food bowls again.

Comparison price to restaurant tortilla bowl salads being $5-7.00, this made sense and came in under $3.00 per salad and that is with the organic brands. Basically, the pans would come out to $2.50 per pan so that's not bad for something you will use continually. After the initial purchase, you are really only paying for the food items so it does turn out to be less expensive.

Overall I am very pleased with this product and recommend it to anyone who likes tortilla bowls.

Photo by Favored1

Make it a tortilla night!


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