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Flour Tortilla Pizza

Updated on January 14, 2012

Easy Peasy Pizza

I am a real fan of a thin crust pizza, and this is about as thin as it gets. This simple recipe is a real lifesaver on a Friday night when everyone wants pizza, but no one can agree on what kind. These one to two person pizzas are easy to create and everyone gets what they want. Not to mention that the kids, and grand children, love to get involved with making them.

Simply take a flour tortilla, you can use the small ones or the large ones, add pizza sauce of your choice (what is nice about this is you can add or subtract the amount of sauce according to your liking) and commence to piling on whichever toppings you enjoy. (I like pineapple and Canadian bacon!) Heat the oven to 375º (F). Place on a cookie sheet or pizza stone. Cook for 8-10 minutes (time may vary depending on oven temp and amount of toppings.) or until it starts to brown and cheese gets bubbly. Then cut and enjoy.

If you are in a hurry, these wonderful little pizzas can be put in the microwave and heated in a jiffy. Another variation on these great little treats, that I like to do, is to make them ahead of time and freeze them. Then all I have to do is pop one in the oven whenever the mood suits me. Use them as hors d'oeuvres, or serve them at your favorite football game.

Well I hope you enjoy these great little pizzas. And don’t forget to have fun and get the family involved. There’s no limit to your creations.


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    • katiedid101 profile image

      katiedid101 6 years ago from Rural Iowa

      Thanks alipucket! The left over flour tortillas is how I found this recipe.

    • Scatteredmusings profile image

      Scatteredmusings 6 years ago from Brandon, Florida

      I used to make these with my children, quick easy and a cheap lunch.

    • alipuckett profile image

      alipuckett 6 years ago

      This is a great idea! I have some leftover flour tortillas in the fridge that I haven't been able to figure out what to do with. Thanks for the tip!