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Tupperware Mix 'N Store - The Best Pancake Batter Bowl

Updated on November 29, 2015

My Favorite Batter Bowl

I love my Tupperware Mix-N-Stor bowl! This is one of the most useful items I have in my kitchen. I always use it to make my very favorite breakfast food.. pancakes! It's the perfect size for making a big batch for my family yet small enough that it's still practical for pancakes for two. This bowl is also the perfect size for making a cake mix or whipping up a batch of brownies. The handle and pour spout make it perfect for baking. It comes with a lid but I rarely use it. It's such a perfect size that I usually make what I need and don't end up with a huge amount of leftovers. This is a great high quality bowl that I love to use! It's so practical.

If you are looking for a great mixing bowl, or as I like to call it, a great pancake batter bowl, I recommend this Tupperware Mix n Store bowl. If you love to cook like I do, you won't be disappointed with this awesome bowl!

Making the Best Pancakes with the Best Mixing Bowl

I love pancakes so much. Plain old original pancakes are great any time but sometimes I like to be a little more creative and I love using this batter bowl when the pancake craving strikes me. It's the perfect size for mixing the batter and the pour spout makes it so easy to pour the batter into the pan to cook it. As much as I would like to say that it doesn't make a mess, it still does. I haven't found many bowls that don't.

So, grab your Tupperware mix n pour bowl, mixing spoon and spatula and let's get started whipping up some pancakes!

A Great Gift Basket Idea

The Mix n Store Bowl, together with a few pancake making items, is a perfect gift. I know because that's exactly what my aunt got me for a birthday present one year. She knew how crazy I was over pancakes so she made me a birthday cake that looked like a stack of pancakes and then gave me this exact bowl along with a bunch of other pancake gear.

  1. Mix n Store Bowl
  2. 2 Boxes of pancake mix
  3. Regular maple syrup
  4. Blueberry Syrup
  5. Butter Pecan Syrup
  6. A New Spatula
  7. A new skillet

It was the best gift ever!! A food filled gift basket! Not only did she pick out the perfect gift for me, I loved everything about it, but it was the most delicious gift I had ever gotten. I still remember that birthday as one of the best.

Fridgesmarts are the Perfect Companions to the Mix n Store Bowl

A great partner to have with the Mix 'N Store Bowl is the Fridgesmarts. These keep your produce fresher longer in the refrigerator. They go great with this bowl because if you love blueberry pancakes, you can keep the blueberries fresh until you're ready to make them.

A House Full of Tupperware

My house is full of all different Tupperware products. When I say full, I mean it! I use it all the time for cooking and storing food in my kitchen. These are some of my favorites but I have a whole lot more!

Wonderlier Bowls

Tupperware Wonderlier Bowl Set 3 in New Colors
Tupperware Wonderlier Bowl Set 3 in New Colors

Everyone I know raves about these bowls. They're the perfect size for everything! The small one is great for dips and the big one is great for salads.


Wonderful Wonderlier

After listening to many people tell me how much they love these bowls, I finally bought some and guess what, I love them now too! If I need to take a little bit of potato salad to a picnic, it fits perfectly in the small bowl. If I want to cut up a watermelon to take for a potluck, it fits great in the big bowl. All the bowls come with lids that seal tight so things aren't spilling all over the refrigerator and speaking of the refrigerator, they fit great in there too! There's always a bowl for the occasion that's just right.

Eco Friendly Water Bottles

I think it's great that Tupperware is trying so hard to be eco friendly. The products have always been designed with reusability in mind but the Eco line goes many steps further in providing safe, chemical free, reusable containers. I love the water bottles. I have some that are shaped like little animals and some that are cool and newly designed.

New Halloween Snack Sets!

Happy Halloween!

I love this cute new set! You get 4 cups with lids and 4 matching one cup snack cups. These are so much fun! The kids love the faces on them and they're happy to eat their snacks out of the little cups.

Tupperware Large Hourglass Salt & Pepper Shakers, Purple
Tupperware Large Hourglass Salt & Pepper Shakers, Purple

Over the years, these salt and pepper shakers have been to many picnics. They are the perfect size for all different size hands. They hold a lot too so you don't have to refill very often.


Millions of kids have learned to drink from a sippy cup made by Tupperware!

When you visit picnics all over America, not only will you find the salt and pepper shakers at lots of them but you'll also find the sippy cups! That's because kids spill their drinks no matter where they are. Spilled lemonade brings lots of bees to the picnic so sippy cups can help keep them away. Of course, they are great at home too1

All of my kids learned to drink from a cup by using Tupperware sippy cups. There's no valves to clean or lose. They are simple cups with two simple purposes, keeping liquid in the cups where it belongs and teaching kids how to drink from a cup.

Tupperware is over 60 years old. How old is your oldest Tupperware?

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Lunch Sets

I would like to talk about the Tupperware Lunch Bag Sets a little bit. These are one of my new favorites. Each time they introduce a new book, which is 3 times a year, there's new lunch sets. Inside the insulated lunch bags, you'll find some of the most popular items like sandwich keepers, Crystalwave, water bottles, snack cups, and soup mugs. They are very stylish and come in different designs for everyone.

Tupperware's Legendary Terms

Tupperware has been making high quality, eco-friendly kitchen storage containers for over 60 years and is for sale in over 100 countries around the world. They offer a lifetime guaranty against chippng, cracking, breaking or peeling under normal non-commercial use for the lifetime of the product.

Tupperware is the leading innovator of new and modern kitchen storage solutions. The containers make great wedding shower gifts and even graduation gifts for the college bound kids. They will have limited storage space and Tupperware containers hold lots of different things. Great solution for cluttered dorm rooms!

What's Your Favorite Tupperware?

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