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Unique Bundt Cake Pans

Updated on February 6, 2014

Creating Beautiful Cakes with Unique Bundt Cake Pans

A unique bundt cake pan can turn a simple cake recipe into something truly special. If you consider yourself a good baker but aren't the best cake decorator, a fun pan is the perfect solution. All the creativity and design is baked right in! You'll be amazed at the great bundt cake pans that are available and perfect for holidays or birthdays.

One of the best companies for finding these creative cake pans is Nordic Ware. They feature designs ranging from roses and Christmas trees to cottages and this unique castle. Wouldn't a castle bundt cake make a fun birthday cake for a child's party? These cakes are also easy to decorate - simply dust with powdered sugar or pour a thin glaze over the top. The details don't need to be added later, reducing the amount of time it takes to make something special.

Featured Image: Nordic Ware Pro Cast Castle Bundt Pan

Buy now from

Flower Bundt Cake Pan

If you are just starting out with unique bundt cake pans, you might want to consider a traditionally round bundt pan with a few unique details. A pan like this will help you learn how to get the cake out of a detailed pan and what kinds of recipes work best.

The Nordic Ware pans are cast aluminum with a nonstick surface. Not only does this make them easy to clean, but it helps the cakes to release from their intricate designs. They are sturdy and hold up well over time.

Nordic Ware Rose Cast Aluminum Bundt Pan
Nordic Ware Rose Cast Aluminum Bundt Pan

This is the first unique bundt pan that I purchased. It still maintains some of the traditional shape and the details are large enough that there shouldn't be getting too much trouble removing a cake from it.


Cottage Cake Pan

Nordic Ware used the cottage in the story of Hansel and Gretel to inspire this fairy tale cottage cake pan. It is the perfect unique bundt cake pan to use for a fairy tale party or other whimsical event. Dust the top of your bundt cake with powdered sugar to bring snow to the cottage.

Nordic Ware Fairytale Cottage Bundt Pan
Nordic Ware Fairytale Cottage Bundt Pan

The hole in the center of the bundt pan is featured as a chimney on this cute house. It can be glazed and decorated with candy for a fun family project.

Nordic Ware Pro Cast Castle Bundt Pan
Nordic Ware Pro Cast Castle Bundt Pan

Presenting Creative Bundt Cakes

While you want to keep the decoration on the cake itself simple, that doesn't mean you can't dress up your unique bundt cake by adding extra details! One of the easiest ways to add extra decoration is to create a platter for the cake to sit on. Using crumbs, fresh flowers, or candy you can decorate the platter in a style that matches.

This example uses Nordic Ware's castle bundt pan on a sandy beach. The easiest way to make this type of sand is to use vanilla cookie crumbs. I like Nilla wafers, although I find that some of the generic versions actually make better crumbs than the name brand (and they're cheaper, which can be an advantage).

Featured Image: Nordic Ware Pro Cast Castle Bundt Pan from

Holiday Bundt Cake Pan

December is filled with holidays and events that could often use a cake. Looking for something to bring to a family occasion or potluck? Bring a little fun with a unique bundt cake with a holiday theme. Whether you are looking for Christmas trees, gingerbread houses, or a Star of David, there is a unique bundt cake pan that is perfect for the occasion.

Nordic Ware Holiday Bundt Tree Pan
Nordic Ware Holiday Bundt Tree Pan

Looking for a simple cake idea to create something like this? Try taking a red velvet cake recipe and using green food coloring instead of red. This will give the Christmas trees their characteristic color. Sprinkle the top of the cake with sifted powdered sugar and you will have a beautiful winter wonderland!

Nordic Ware Gingerbread House Bundt Pan
Nordic Ware Gingerbread House Bundt Pan

If Christmas trees aren't your thing, how about replacing your traditional gingerbread house with one made of cake? You can cover it with glaze and decorate it with candy like you would any other gingerbread house.

Nordic Ware Star of David Bundt Pan
Nordic Ware Star of David Bundt Pan

Holiday and religious bundt cake pans aren't just limited to Christmas themes! There are pans out there that would be perfect for a variety of different holidays. For example, this Star of David bundt cake pan features a simple and elegant design that would be easy to work with.


Tips for Using Unique Bundt Cake Pans

  1. Although most Nordic Ware pans are nonstick, you still want to take the time to prep the pan before filling it with batter. If the cake sticks into one of the tiny crannies, the final look will not be as clean. Make sure to carefully butter and flour the pans or use a good pan spray. After removing the cake from the oven, allow it to sit for at least five minutes before attempting to de-pan it.
  2. A thick frosting will hide all the beautiful details of a unique bundt cake. Keep the decoration simple. Sprinkle the cake with powdered sugar or use a thin glaze to coat the cake and give it a glossy look.
  3. You don't have to limit yourself to just making cake in these molds. Many of them would make excellent Jell-O molds. Just use the recipe for Jell-O jigglers (the one with a little less water) so it is firmer. Once it is completely chilled, dip the mold in hot water for a few seconds to release the mold.

Cathedral Bundt Cake Pan

Like the rose bundt cake pan, this cathedral pan has a fairly traditional shape. However, the details are what makes it special and sets it apart from a traditional bundt cake pan.

Other Fun Nordic Ware Pans

Nordic Ware doesn't just make fun and unique bundt cake pans. You can also find creative pans for regular cakes, cupcakes, tea cakes, and more. Are you looking to make pineapple upside down cakes in the shape of a pineapple? Nordic Ware has a pan for that! These are some of my favorites of their other designs.

Bundt Cake Videos on YouTube

Unique Bundt Cake Recipes

Now that you have a cool pan to make your bundt cake, what recipe are you going to try? There are tons of great bundt recipes out there that go beyond a typical yellow cake. Try creating some of these unique cake recipes!

Do you love cake? What do you think of this selection of unique bundt cake pans? Share your thoughts here!

What's your favorite bundt cake recipe?

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    • Cynthia Haltom profile image

      Cynthia Haltom 

      5 years ago from Diamondhead

      I like the castle it would make a good centerpiece for a party.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      How cool are these FAB, unique bundt pans?!? I like the sandcastle one best, I think, but it's hard to choose.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I'd love to eat a castle. My son and I could have such fun pretending we were ogres.

    • squidoogiftsfor profile image


      6 years ago

      The cottage one is fantastic!

    • Craftypicks profile image

      Lori Green 

      6 years ago from Las Vegas

      Great pans. Love the sandcastle.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      These are wonderful pans! Enjoyed your lens.

    • mbgphoto profile image

      Mary Beth Granger 

      6 years ago from O'Fallon, Missouri, USA

      This is a great lens...I will look forward to trying out one of these at the next special occasion. Thanks for all the great tips. Blessed

    • Joan Haines profile image

      Joan Haines 

      6 years ago

      I always like the ones with cinnamon rippling through the middle. You put in half the batter, then sprinkle on a bunch of chopped nuts and brown sugar with cinnamon, then add the reast of the batter. MMMMMmmmm.

      The castle bundt pan is way cool. "Squid Angel blessed."

    • KidsToyTeaSets LM profile image

      KidsToyTeaSets LM 

      6 years ago

      Oh my - I have never seen such interesting and unique bundt cake pans. What a great idea for a very special princess tea party to use that castle along with their childrens tea sets. Thank you!

    • shreeve21 profile image


      6 years ago

      great lens! Also love your personal story. I spent a few years in a kitchen myself!

    • SheGetsCreative profile image

      Angela F 

      6 years ago from Seattle, WA

      I love the castle - great finds! *blessed

    • BusinessSarah profile image


      6 years ago

      I love this!! I've never made one of these, but it looks like so much fun to present. Definitely giving this a shot!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I love making bundt cakes because you don't really need to frost them, a little dusting of confectioner's sugar and you're all set!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      We've got the cathedral bundt pan, and we use it to make birthday cakes. It makes the most unique cakes! They are fun to decorate, too.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Looks good and tastes wonderful too, I bet.

    • LouisaDembul profile image


      6 years ago

      We have a teddy bear bundt cake pan, but I could really think of getting the rose pan....

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Beautiful, thanks for sharing

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Very very beautiful and looks delicious. Thank you for sharing.

    • Mary Crowther profile image

      Mary Crowther 

      6 years ago from Havre de Grace

      Beautiful cake pans and I love the clip from the movie!

    • MelonyVaughan profile image


      6 years ago

      These pans look amazing! You could ice the cakes or fondant them after baking!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I had no idea that one could find bundt cake pans in these wild shapes. I love the castle.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Wow! These look awesome! Like Auntie-M says, I'll take it as long as someone else makes 'em! :)

    • profile image

      Auntie-M LM 

      6 years ago

      My favorite are the ones someone else makes.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      It's a toss up between my chocolate bundt cake and my berry bundt cake. I love bundt cake. Nice selection of pans!

    • zillermil profile image


      6 years ago

      I had that castle cake pan for a long time. Made lots of birthday cakes with it!

    • zillermil profile image


      6 years ago

      I had that cake pan for a long time. Made lots of birthday cakes with it!


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