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Best Vegetable Chopper

Updated on September 8, 2012


Having a vegetable chopper around in the kitchen can be very helpful and can save a lot of time.Because it will take a lot time to chop vegetables with a knife, but when using a vegetable chopper it will take only a second or two.And you can also chop other things with a vegetable chopper as well.So a vegetable chopper is a very useful kitchen gadget to have.If you already don´t have one, you should definitely get one soon.

Vegetable choppers:

As you can see, this food chopper chops unevenly.
As you can see, this food chopper chops unevenly.

A vegetable chopper that is very well designed and works easily.If you don´t want to buy a electric food processor or don´t want do use knife for chopping, then this is a good way to go.

The design of this product is just amazing, it even has a blade guard.It´s easy to use, but after every pull check it, because if you pull more than 7 times you usually end up with a puree.Usually you should pull about 3-5 times, you should check it after every pull.

Although the design is great and it´s easy to use, when you are cooking for a party, I wouldn´t recommend this, because it chops the vegetables unevenly, meaning that some chops are big and some are tiny.So in that case you should take your knife out or buy another vegetable chopper.

Overall a great vegetable chopper, very well designed, looks nice,easy to wash( be careful with the sharp blades). easy to use, seems durable and has great value, but doesn´t chop evenly.

Stainless steel chopper

This vegetable chopper is made by a company called Rösle, which is known for it´ś high-quality durable products.This one is no exception, it is a high-quality product, that will last for years.

Although it´s called onion and vegetable chopper you can chop everything with it.It has a automatic sharp blade that provides excellent results.

It´s made from 18/10 stainless steel, meaning that it will never rust and it is scratch proof.So it will look elegant and beautiful for many many years.And because it´s a stainless steel product, it means that it´s easy to clean it.

Overall another excellent product from Rösle, it has everything vegetable chopper needs, sharp blades, elegant looking, durable and will chop vegetables fast.


Best vegetable chopper

Is this the best vegetable chopper?Well it seems to be.Although at first look this may look like another cheap plastic product, but it isn´t.

It has a stainless steel blade, that is very sharp, because it´s made from stainless steel it will not rust.This vegetable chopper has dishwasher safe parts.

This is a really amazing product, it will chop up onion in 2 seconds.It can do it so fast thanks to the 150-watt powerful motor.The blades are very easily removable, if you need to remove them.The motor can chop your vegetables very fast or slow, depending which one you want.

It has only one small problem.It´s mostly made from plastic, so it can easily break, if you don´t carefully use it.But they have a great customer service, where they will send you replacement part.The customer service is very friendly and helpful.

Overall, this vegetable chopper looks very beautiful.It´s very easy to use and very easy to wash also.If you have some problems with it, they have extremely good and kind customer service you can contact.I truly can´t recommend this product enough.Don´t be surprised if this will be your favorite kitchen gadget soon.On my opinion this is the best vegetable chopper there is...

Great vegetable chopper

 This vegetable chopper comes from a company called Pampered Chef, this company is known for it´s durable and innovative, quality products.

It´s very easy to clean and it´s dishwasher safe.Also it is very easy to use and comfortable as well.It doesn´t take a lot of space and looks nice and elegant as well.

The product is made in Germany.It´s very durable and will last for many years to come.The blades are very sharp and the blades will not dull.These blades are made from high-quality stainless steel.

Overall, a very durable and comfortable product from Germany.It´s easy to clean and looks beautiful.It´s highly recommended.

Ultimate vegetable chopper

Quite large vegetable chopper compared to other similar products, but that´s more of bonus than a flaw.This product features many different blades for different cuts and for different vegetables.

The blades are made from stainless steel, which is great.But, the blade meant for french fries isn´t very good, because in order to get beautiful cut french fries you need to use a decent amount of force.

Although it´s mainly made from plastic, the product seems to be durable.It´s easy to use and it looks nice.It´s very easy to chop vegetables with this product.

Overall a good product with one small flaw.It looks nice, it is durable, the blades are sharp and will stay sharp, it has great value and it´s very easy to use.

Food processor

Product made in USA, it has a powerful yet very quiet motor.It works very well and it makes a very good electric vegetable chopper.

It may seem small on the picture, but it definitely isn´t a tiny machine, actually it is a huge machine and it will not fit in a kitchen with lower cabinets, because this electric vegetable chopper is big.

Overall a great food processor, it works nice, it takes a lot of space, but it gets the job done amazingly well.


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