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waffle recipe brioche

Updated on August 18, 2016

Brioche waffle simply sublime

Growing up in 1960's South Africa at the very beginning of the Teflon non stick appliance revolution, it seemed that every year a new and exciting concept appeared in the stores. One of which was the electric non stick waffle iron. My mother had one and on occasion it was produced with much fanfare and we had waffles made from a recipe my mother got from a neighbor.

Many years later I went to a popular Belgium waffle shop in Cape Town South Africa. The waffles were fabulous, I was hooked I purchased my own waffle maker, and after a few less than spectacular results with store bought premix it looked like my quest to replicate the shop purchased waffles was facing a few serious challenges. As most things in life patience generally reaps reward and I eventually stumbled upon a waffle recipe using a brioche dough as the base, in one of my mothers old recipe books. Could it be that simple, Brioche dough is surprising easy to make and the waffles are fabulous, the yeast and butter produce a soft light crumb with intriguing flavors.

Tip: Google baking percentages in recipes, these allow you to scale any recipe to the size you require

Tip: This simple advice listed below will help.

  1. Make sure that your yeast activates, without it you will produce a tasteless brick
  2. Always use solid butter or baking margarine and allow it to fold into your dough.
  3. Be patient allow the dough to rise and develop extraordinary things take time.
  4. You can increase the percentage of butter to create a richer waffle

I hope you enjoy the taste of these waffles. The Brioche recipe listed below has the proportions of ingredients I like the most, however if you have your own Brioche recipe that you like use it experiment, you might be pleasantly surprised how versatile brioche is.


  • 500 gram Cake flour, 100%
  • 10gram Salt, 2%
  • 70gram Castor sugar, 14%
  • 10 grams Yeast, 2%
  • 150ml Whole milk, 25 degrees Celsius 30%
  • 3 Eggs, room temperature 30%
  • 145 gram Butter/ baking margarine, room temperature 29%


  1. Heat milk to room temperature and add castor sugar and yeast. Allow yeast 10 minutes to activate.
  2. Add flour, salt and eggs to bowl containing activated yeast milk and castor sugar.
  3. Attached dough hook to mixer and turn to low speed, allow all ingredients to be completely incorporated.
  4. Turn mixer to medium speed and slowly add butter in small pieces, continue to mix till butter fully incorporated in dough. And dough is elastic in consistency
  5. Allow dough to rise in warm place for at least two hours
  6. Knock dough down and place in oiled bowl covered with cling film overnight in fridge. ( this allows the dough to become more manageable )
  7. Portion dough into 80 to 100 gram balls. Allow balls to rise
  8. Preheat Waffle iron 250 degrees Celsius / or automatic temp on pre set waffle irons.
  9. Cook for about 3 minutes or till your machine completes cooking cycle

Brioche Waffle

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