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Interesting Ways to Make Coffee

Updated on September 7, 2015
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I enjoy drinking many different styles of coffee, using different brewing methods, especially french press and aeropress.

Each way of making coffee changes the end brew.

People are particular about their coffee. You can tell a lot about a person based on how they take their coffee. Most people use a coffee drip machine at home, but there are quite a few ways to make coffee.

Coffee has become a new obsession of mine, and I enjoy sharing some of the things I have learned over the course of researching how to make the best cup of coffee.

Filter-drip coffee is a bit pedestrian, so we are going to go over the more interesting methods available.

Photo by Karen Neoh

French Press

French Pressed coffee is similar to how loose tea is made. Water is heated (I use a teapot) to boiling. While it is heating, but ground coffee into the press. I use about 3 to 4 heaping tablespoons for 2 cups, but I like stronger coffee.

Once the water is boiling, let it cool slightly so it isn't a rolling boil, this will help prevent spilling. Pour the water directly onto your coffee in the press. Stir with a spoon, and place the top on the press (but don't press yet!)

Wait 4-8 minutes, depending on how strong you like your coffee. I sometimes re-stir with the spoon, thinking it is my "secret" to better coffee, but it probably doesn't make that big of a difference.

Press the plunger down slowly to get all the coffee grounds to the bottom and pour into your cup. Voila!

Photo: Yongbin

Making Turkish Coffee
Making Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee

This refers to a method of preparation, not a specific place. Coffee is very finely ground, to a powder. Most burr mills are unable to grind small enough. Water is boiled, then let to slightly cool. The grounds are added. The desired amount of sugar is added.

The coffee is returned to a boil, and develops a thick foam, and can be served.

I've never had the pleasure of trying Turkish Coffee, but I would very much like to.

Photo: Oliver Merkel

A video demonstrating how to make Turkish Coffee

Bialetti Moka Pot
Bialetti Moka Pot

Moka Pot

Frankly, I don't know much about moka pots, but they intrigue me. I've never used one. I've heard they are closer to espresso than coffee, and I've heard talk that they produce crema, which is pretty awesome!

Moke Pots were invented by Bialetti in the early 1930s, and are placed stove top to head them.

I'm really curious about them, and would like to try one out.

Photo by: Jordon Smith


Espresso is the strongest coffee I know. But calling it "coffee" would be like calling racing ethanol "gas." Sure, they are similar, but there are some big differences.

For one, properly made espresso requires a very fine grind of coffee bean. If the grind is too large, the water can easily get through the coffee, and with espresso you don't want that.

True espresso is made by forcing hot water through coffee under pressure. The phrase "pulling a shot (of espresso)" comes from the original espresso makers. There was a lever you would pull that would force water through the grinds.

The amount of pressure used has never been standardized, but there have been several attempts to firm up the rules on espresso.

Photo by: Beantree

Coffee Types

What is your favorite way to make coffee?

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Coffee break! - Please leave me a comment.

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